Natasha Oakley Shares Her Go To ‘Model Off Duty’ Look

Natasha Oakley is famous for wearing a bikini every day, so how does she cope when the weather’s too cold to bear a midriff? The Monday Swimwear designer uses her furry spirit animal for cold weather style inspiration and looks to some of fashion’s most chilly, yet stylish, spots. Here’s how Natasha says you can be your Summer mermaid self all year, without freezing your tail off.

What gets you up in the morning?

The fact that I want to make everyday count, weather it’s through my work, my love life, family or friendships.

Your spirit animal is?

A seal.

You’re a bikini queen, but when it’s too cold for a bikini, you can be found wearing…?

Boots, jeans, a tee and a leather jacket.

Best way to bring the sexiness of a swimsuit when you’re not hitting the beach?

You don’t have to bare it all to be sexy, I think an outfit where you are completely covered can be just as sexy as a bikini! Its all about confidence, and if you’re not in a bikini don’t let it all hang out, I love being mysterious and leaving something to the imagination.

Which new trends/ looks did you love most at fashion week?

I loved how feminine all of the collections were, soft lines, long skirts and waisted cuts. Everything I love.

Best city to get fashion inspiration?

New York.

Favorite spots to shop?

LA, Paris and London.

Your style memory is?

A sunset with my girlfriends that I’ll never forget, after a long summer day in Byron Bay, Australia. The sky was completely pink and purple and we felt so free and happy, it was surreal.

Something we don’t know about you?

I love to paint, it’s something I used to be very passionate about but have become so busy its hard to find the time to sit down with a paint brush anymore!

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