Natalie Weaver Breaks All The Makeup Rules: Here’s How You Can Too

If you want to be a rebel like Natalie Weaver, a good place to start is forgetting everything you’ve ever been told about makeup. There are so many pointless rules: reserving the smokey eye for night, never wearing light eye makeup with dark lipstick, contouring with matte products only. What tyrannical makeup artist made up all these ridiculous standards? And more importantly, if we’re really as effortlessly flawless as Beyonce says we are, why do we insist on following them? It’s never cool to do what everyone else is doing, and that applies to makeup, too.

I’m not saying to spend an hour every morning drawing on a face that’s worthy of the most lit WeHo costume party. If you’d rather let your naked skin shine, that’s your perogative. What we’re getting at is Natalie’s beauty mantra: to throw caution to the wind and let your freak flag fly. Especially when it comes to taking selfies: “Knowing that you’re beautiful in your skin really comes out in a photo,” she told us.Make like Natalie and embrace the brightest lipsticks, the smokiest two-tone eye shadows, and the glitteriest lotion your skin can handle. Or find some way to let your personality out through beauty creativity! Here are Natalie’s recommendations for doing so.

  1. A style rule I love to break is “no makeup” with some popping lipstick like Ruby Woo from Mac.

2. I always throw the Verve from Mac in my purse and be set for the day.

3. The est makeup strategy is putting on some mascara and some neutral lipstick. It’s easy to re-apply and keeps you looking fresh.

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