Natalie Boras Has a Perfect Ass and is Nice Enough to Share All Her Secrets

Regardless of whether you spend all week living your life like Fergie and working on your fitness, or your idea of a perfect work out is a hot, torrid night of steamy sexual intercourse, we all want the same thing: that ideal bikini body.

We want to look like Gwen Stefani meets Giselle with a dash of Kylie Jenner thrown in for fun, but for most of, dreaming is the closest we get to achieving our body fantasies – unless you’re like model Natalie Boras, who has literally the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen in my life.

Obviously, I had to interview her and learn all of her secrets and luckily for all of us, she has a lot of secrets to share.


You have like the perfect butt, how do you maintain that?
I hate to say it but most of it runs in the family. I come from a long line of bubble butts, but that doesn’t mean I don’t work to keep it tight like a tiger. I do rounds of butt ups, squats and lunges to keep it round. Two sets of twenty a day plump it up for sureee.


photo courtesy of Amber Asaly

Okay, so for girls like me with non-superhuman genes, what work out advice do you have? Like, is there a regular workout routine that you follow, or do you like to play the field?

I’m a team player and I don’t discriminate. I love doing activities with friends like the occasional soul cycle, hot strength yoga, even Barry’s boot camp, but that realistically happens once a week maybe twice because my schedule is everywhere and so is theirs.

The best thing you can do is figure out what works for you. As soon as I figured out my sitch, positive changes in my bod followed. I love working out, and the awesomeness I feel afterward, but I learned after majorly procrastinating on the gym, that a membership wasn’t my style. I hate gym clothes and the whole process of changing, driving in traffic and socializing at a gym where I have to pretend to be stoked on friends and randoms starting up a convo while I’m in the middle of my show, mid sweat and deep in a lululemon camel toe.


One day I just got annoyed of paying for a membership that didn’t equate it’s worth. I cancelled my gym membership and went on and bought my version of the perfect gym for the price of 3 months at Equinox. I now have an ab dolly, air walker, elliptical and power tower in my dining room (I dine on the couch anyway) right in front of my big screen that has replaced my iPad. I work out in my underwear and slippers to my fave shows and don’t waste an extra two hours going to and from the gym. Speaking of ab dolly… If you hate sit ups then that’s the fastest way to a six pack!

Anyway, my at home routine consists of cardio four days a week rotating between the elliptical and the air walker for an hour a day. My abs, squats, lunges and butt ups are done on the reg and then I fit in my fave Woman’s Health and Fitness video once a week called “look better naked.” It’s all about creating a corset of muscle.

When you know you have a shoot coming up that requires you to show some skin, what do you do to get ready? 

I stay away from salt. I keep to my usual workout routine and lay off the carbs two days before, so there is no bloating. Make sure you get a good sweat in the day before to get out that excess water weight. If you’re the type of person whose muscles swell from working out, then find a hydration station near you. They are everywhere now. It’s a bed shaped like an egg that turns into a vibrating sauna. This helps with circulation and feels a little too good sometimes aha. The steam helps you sweat out all the salt and burn 500 to 700 calories in one session (awesome).

Speaking of the exact opposite of burning 500 to 700 calories, let’s talk about pizza.  Even the most dedicated dieter among us is going to succumb to a slice every now and then, is that okay or is it just going to totally f-ck everything up? 

No not at all, that’s what Sunday’s are for. I reserve Sunday fundays for soaking up regrets and the many toxins I put in my body over the weekend. On the days I “Sunday funday” which happens sometimes more than just on Sunday’s, I juice the next day and eat aggressive fruits like pineapple, papaya and grapefruit for breakfast and lunch to detox my system and have my dinner as usual. My fave Sunday funday consists of spicy chicken wings, Cajun fries and sausage gumbo. I  don’t eat like sh*t during the week because I know I’ll have one or two days a week where I can say f*ck it and go to town. Having cheat days are the best because it honestly makes me work out harder during the week and maintain my body. Gotta feed the butt!

And last but certainly not least, as a professional swimsuit model, do you have any last minute tips that can help us look bikini ready a day before we have to take it all off? 

Magnesium, ginger and a water pill the day before and morning of. This will ensure  things are going your way and flatten your tummy by revving your metabolism. The water pill (I take WaterX) will regulate your water and make sure you’re not retaining in your legs or stomach and will enhance how toned you look. Stay away from too many veggies the night before. Ya they’re healthy, but it still takes up to 10 hours to digest and can make you bloat. I try to eat before 8pm and stick to stuff like chicken and fish with rice. My boyfriend loves to say “if you can’t tone it tan it.” He is right. Do what you got to do to get that glow.

If you have cellulite (we all do) and your self conscious, buy a body cream like Naked blurring cream or Sally Hansen leg makeup for legs and mix it with your usual lotion and rub it in those problem areas. On the day of, do some abs, a few squats and a set of push-ups. A little bit goes a long way and makes a difference right before you take it all off.

So there you have it, ladies: the secret to getting hot just in the knick of time.  I know a lot of boys and girls who are about to have a very productive end to this wet, hot American summer.

All photos courtesy of Natalie Boras except when otherwise noted.

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