6 Times Natalia Kills Stole Someone’s Look

The Internet is going cray cray over Natalia Kills and her bitch attitude on the X Factor New Zealand. Natalia and her boo thang Willy Moon mercilessly bullied an X Factor hopeful all because the contestant was wearing slicked back hair with a suit and tie. Apparently, Moon invented suits and hair gel, and Natalia got all hot and bothered that the X Factor hopeful had “mercilessly” plaigerized the look. Quick, someone tell my grandfather that his wedding pictures from 1940 are intellectual property theft. JK, but really, since when is Natalia Kills the queen supreme of originality? Oh yeah, since never. Moon just made the situation worse by saying the contestent looked like he was going to “sew someone’s face over his own and kill everyone in the audience.” Creepy…. Anyway, the rants were so off base and royally f***ed up that that Kills and Moon got fired from the X Factor as soon as they stepped back stage. Did they get served right? Check these LOL worthy memes and then try to tell me Natalia was justified in her tirade.






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