Nat Wood Shows Us The Ins And Outs Of Streetwear

Nat WoodBadwood designer and stick ‘n’ poke enthusist, is featured in our new issue! She clued us in on her plans for this year, favorite brands, what it means to be a slashgirl and more, below.


​What made you want to start a streetwear brand​?

I started doing street art and came up with the “girl in the ski mask” design (aka the Badwood logo). I used to get up with that stencil in the streets of Miami. I wanted to put my art on clothes so I learned how to screen print. i started the brand in February of 2013 and was printing all of the Badwood gear from my garage for the first 9 months. I had no idea that it was going to become what it is now. I am very grateful.

Favorite designer of all time?​

I don’t really have a favorite designer but my favorite artist would be Mike Giant. He influenced me a lot when I was growing up & his style is the tits.

​Top 5 street brands to look out for this year ​?

Born X Raised, Stamp’d LA, Dimepiece, HUF, Supreme, O Mighty Weekend

​What makes a Badwood babe​?

A Badwood babe is a chick who is independent. Her independence and ambition is apparent and that’s what makes her sexy. She doesn’t “try to be hot” or look for attention. She’s her own boss, which can be intimidating.

​You’re  the ultimate slash-girl being a streetwear designer and tattoo artist. How do you keep it all ​together?

I’m definitely all over the place. As an artist, sometimes it’s extremely hard for me to manage my time & priorities but somehow I make it work. I have specific days for shipping and I try to get my business tasks done during the daytime. In the evening is when I paint or tattoo. I’m most motivated to be creative at night.

What’s next for you in 2015​?

In 2015, I hope to get my tattoo license so I can really get serious about my stick ’n’ poke tattoos. I want to have some sort of a warehouse where I can do my shipping & drop more collections & more custom pieces for Badwood. It would be cool to get into some more stores in LA & NY. Hopefully Rihanna will wear some of  my gear too​! I’m just gonna keep grinding and doin’ what I’m doin’!

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