Naressa Valdez Tells Us How To Eat Endless Pizza & Still Keep A Perfect Complexion

We spoke to our Galore Kitten Naressa Valdez about her skin secrets, current beauty trends and her personal makeup obsessions. The greasy food lovin’ LA beauty has some great advice, especially when it comes to keeping clear skin while still indulging in some delicious munchies. Check out Naressa’s tips and tricks, below!
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How do you ensure you won’t sweat off your makeup in the LA heat?
The secret is using the All Nighter makeup setting spray from Urban Decay. It’s seriously the best and should be in every girl’s makeup bag. Or, I just don’t wear makeup on a hot day. Let my skin breathe!
Tips for finding the perfect nude lip color to match your skin tone?
I personally don’t like a really light nude on anyone. But more of a mauve lipstick looks great on any skin tone!

What’s your go-to look for when you have to do your own makeup on a shoot?

I like to go for a really natural dewy look with a brown smokey lid! And I always give my lashes extra attention. I love mascara and making my lashes perfect.

How do you keep your skin clear and smooth without sacrificing your pizza obsession and other greasy foods?
It’s actually not hard. I just make sure to drink water every day and wash my face before going to sleep.
What’s your favorite new product?
At the moment it’s my skin brush from Vanity Planet! I love it! Especially after a long day in LA traffic or after a never ending photo shoot.
Coolest makeup you ever got to wear on a shoot?

All the makeup looks I’ve ever had are pretty natural, similar to what I would wear on the daily. But I always love when I have a crazy bright lip color

Do you think the bushy brows trend will ever die?

I don’t think the bushy eyebrow trend will ever end and it shouldn’t end!  I’m comfortable with my full eyebrows as they are on fleek daily LOL. Realizing that there are so many different face shapes and sizes, I don’t feel it’s a look that all can wear. If it fits your features, I say go for it!

Current nail obsession? 
A simple nude or mauve polish.
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