Beauty Editor Mynxii White Is The Perfect Makeup Mentor

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Mynxii White is an award winning makeup artist and beauty editor at Schon! Magazine. Aside from her array of beauty related talents, Mynxii has also graced the covers and pages of Elle Japan, Vogue Australia, and more. Her early start in the industry has helped her become both respected and successful, so we decided to take a lesson in mentorship from the fabulous lady, herself. From work, to education, to this year’s biggest beauty trends, see what advice Mynxii has to give, below!

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By Alexandra Mandelkorn

Tell us about your first foray into the world of beauty?

I started as a hair model for Toni&Guy when I was 14. I became friends with the makeup artist on the team, and she got me a job as a makeup artist at one of their salons to learn the business. 

What was it like entering the industry at such a young age? 

I was so blessed to find a mentor so young. I realized this was going to be my future when I started high school and have dedicated my whole life to not just beauty, but the whole industry since then. I was able to work with school counselors to join a work program that would let me go to school full time and also work full time to groom my career. I worked every day, and every weekend with the art team all though high school and into college. Eventually, I was able to help create the new makeup line for the company and become one of the educators as well. It has been an incredible expedition of twists and turns since then! I’ve loved every experience, every character, and every piece of my journey that has gotten me to this point.  

You are a true Galore slash girl! Not only are you a highly skilled make up artist and beauty editor, but you’ve held the title of fashion editor and cover model as well! Do you see yourself continuing to pursue all those fields, or focusing on one or two?

I honestly have no idea what the future holds for me. Whenever I think I know where this road is going, there’s a major bend that pushes me in a different direction. Every new day presents a new lesson and new opportunity to do something different. As long as I stay in this business in some way, I know I will be happy.

Who and / or what are some of the influences you feel have shaped your beauty style along the way? 

I owe much of my inspiration and growth to the major makeup icons that really blossomed in the 90’s. We can never forget the brilliance that was Kevyn Aucoin. He touched the lives of so many, and inspired an entire generation of new talent. 

Pat McGrath continues to inspire me daily. The art she has created has changed the entire industry, and has set the standard for true beauty.

What about fashion style?

I must admit, my fashion crushes are a little older. Carmen Dell’Orefice taught me that beauty can be maintained at any age. Her confidence and perseverance in the modeling industry is beyond inspirational, and I only hope to one day blossom into the beauty that she embodies. 

Daphne Guinness is by far my biggest style icon. She is a “slash woman,” jack-of-all-trades, and passionate about everything she does. My favorite one of her interviews was from Vanity Fair, where under occupation she wrote “Daphne Guiness.” At that moment I realized I could pursue anything without the fear of being painted into a corner. I would do what made me happy, whether it be makeup, modeling, or directing. Everything was creating and that’s all that mattered.  

If you could have full reign to create your own beauty editorial, what would it look like?

I’ve actually had the chance to create one of the things I’ve dreamed of doing for years recently. I teamed up with Brian Ziff and Ethan Chancer to create a moving editorial for Schon! Magazine. Now that everything is digital, I wanted to take images to the next level, to make people actually experience the image as they were viewing it. Instead of seeing a still image, it would move in a way that was would draw the viewer in, almost in a hypnotic way. We are currently working on the second moving story that I am very excited about! We were inspired by the color and darkness of David Lynch movies and his stories of obsession. No one can ever know how an image is going to turn out 100%, so I am definitely looking forward to how this unfolds. 

What are you favorite products of the moments? Colors for summer? 

I am obsessed with anything glossy. For me, texture is key. I love a light gloss on the cheekbones, and even more on the lids. Whether it be on a natural face, or over heavy color, a gloss always looks incredible! I don’t really have any summer color favorites, but I am gravitating to muted pastels. But then again, I melt for a great pop of tangerine on the lip!

In your dream world, what would the next beauty trend look like? 

In my dream world, anything goes. I’d love to walk out of the house on a Tuesday afternoon covered in crystals, then head out the door on Wednesday with floral eyebrows. My favorite line in a movie is from Party Monster. “If you feel like a troll, you should dress like a troll. It doesn’t matter what you look like. If you’ve got a hunchback just throw a little glitter on it honey and go dancing!”

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