My Valentine’s Date With Stephen Amell

Valentine’s Day: A lot of hype.. for a night where things never go as planned. Therefore, we’ve decided to take things a different route this year: imagining our dream dates with the hunks that we all wish were our valentine’s. Hey, no shame in fantasizing…guys do it all the time! Tonight’s date returned to his hit show Arrow as his character, Oliver Queen. We’re already highly anticipating what the rest of the season has in store. But, what exactly does Stephen have in store for us on our date? Only one way to find out!

Say hello to Stephen Amell.


If you’re an athletic chick, you probably admire Stephen for more than his ripped physique. You love the way that he does his own stunts for Arrow, and has plans to pursue archery competitively after the show wraps up.

For your date with Stephen, you’re flying out to Vancouver, where Arrow is filmed. Ever been to Canada, eh? Probably not, but while you’re there you should certainly try some poutine aka cheese fries (probably save that for after the date though).

Galore Stephen Amell 02


Stephen would probably want to show you something native to Canadian’s, since all you really know about Canada is what you learned from watching Degrassi (which Stephen made a cameo in once) and and that their Miss Universe costume was ridiculous.

So, therefore, Stephen is going to take you to a hockey game. Although you almost wish he’d show off his own athletic skills instead, you’re happy you get to stay in the comfort of the bleachers with a beer to ease some tension because you’re nervous as hell. I mean, if the date goes badly.. what if he just casually shoots you with an arrow instead of dumping your ass?

He looks really cute in his hockey jersey.. but you’re a little busy trying to seductively eat your hot dog…(do you know what types of food are shaped like dicks? the best kinds!). Although you’re not quite the hockey expert, it’s not too complicated to understand the basics. Besides, you’re most likely trying your best to look invested in the game while simultaneously casting as many side-long glances at Stephen as possible.



The game is over and now you can stop pretending to cheer for whoever Stephen has been rooting for. When he asks you to come back to his place for a drink you are so elated that you will hardly notice the freezing Canada weather.

Stephen feels obligated to make you something with maple syrup (since you keep asking embarrassing questions about Canada), so he mixes up a Caribou, a drink made with mulled wine, whiskey, and maple syrup- yum!

While seeing Stephen naked might not be new to you if you’re a big fan, considering he does get pretty damn naked in Hung, there’s nothing like the real thing. As an actor who plays a super-hero, an is also a super enthusiastic guy when it comes to his show, we think both those qualities will reflect pretty positively in the bedroom. After all, we love an enthusiastic dude who isn’t afraid to save us… Save us from lack of orgasms that is..



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