My Valentine’s Date with Channing Tatum

Valentine’s Day: A lot of hype.. for a night where things never go as planned. Therefore, we’ve decided to take things a different route this year: imagining our dream dates with the hunks that we all wish were our valentine’s. Hey, no shame in fantasizing…guys do it all the time! Tonight’s date just dropped the trailer for his striptease sequel, Magic Mike XXL and it’s ALMOST too hot to handle (though we’re up for the challenge).

Say hello to Channing Tatum.



Baby, it’s cold outside. But I think Channing is the perfect man to warm us up tonight, don’t you? With his new movie, Jupiter Ascending, being released in just a couple days, we’re thinking star-gazing.

Sorry, Mila Kunis, we love you; but tonight’s our night with Channing.

Channing would obviously take you on some type of athletic activity. After all, if he’s good at one thing, it’s moving his body. He was voted most athletic in his high school class where he played nearly every sport.. and I think we all can confirm that he has some dance moves. We’re thinking ice-skating or rock-climbing. If you’re not quite the athlete that Channing is, don’t worry, he’s such a sweetie that he won’t mind helping you out- and maybe copping a feel or two?

However, you really don’t want to exert all your energy before you (hopefully) go back to his place, and you certainly don’t want to break a sweat. So said athletic activity will be short lived. Being the southern boy that he is, Tatum will pick a cute little Cajun spot nearby for you two to grab a bite. Although you normally try to stay away from anything deep-fried, you kind of just got a workout, right? And besides.. carbs don’t count if movie-stars buy them for you.


Assuming that you don’t show your crazy bitch side on the first date, and that you don’t make a complete fool of yourself trying to scarf down oyster po’ boy, you can hopefully make it back to his bedroom. Although you’re probably tempted to ask for a striptease– you could be bringing up some bad memories for him… maybe you can give him a striptease and twerk thoughts of Jenna Dewan right out of his head?

Like any guy, when you get to his place he’ll probably offer you a drink. So fireball and apple cider it is, perfect for snowy days like these. After you’ve got a bit of a whiskey blanket on, Mr.Tatum will decide to get a little romantic- and take an ode to his latest film- with some star-gazing from his balcony (of course, only movie stars get balconies in New York). Although you will most likely want to straddle him right there, you have a feeling he has enough hot girls doing that to him daily- you don’t want to seem like the obsessive fan that you are- right?


Although you’ll be almost too distracted by his amazing apartment.. it’s not long until you get back to the good stuff. So, what happens when you’re on top of his bed, him on top of you, as he peels his shirt off and reveals the magic?

While we’re thinking sex that can never be as rough as you really want it (Channing seems like a nice guy after all), we think the imagination is in your hands now. Happy day-dreaming ladies…


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