My Valentine’s Date With Ansel Elgort

Valentine’s Day: A lot of hype.. for a night where things never go as planned. Therefore, we’ve decided to take things a different route this year: imagining our dream dates with the hunks that we all wish were our valentine’s. Hey, no shame in fantasizing…guys do it all the time!

Say hello to Ansel Elgort.


While the name may be a mouthful, I’m sure you’ve heard him as referred to “that guy from The Fault In Our Stars.” Although he looks pretty damn cute next to Shailene Woodley, he’s got many more talents than just acting- tap-dancing and DJing to name a few. He’s also a native New Yorker, so you can stay right there and let Ansel come get you for your date tonight…

As a New Yorker, Ansel loves the night life. So he’s coming to get you around nine for drinks. You two Uber to a bar nearby the Meatpacking district. He told you to put on your dancing shoes for the night, so you hope your Steve Madden wedges will be the perfect combination of cute but comfy.


You’re not surprised when you duck into a dark bar with indie music, and a drink menu full of ingredients you’ve never heard of- typical New York… You ask the waitress for a suggestion and hope you made a decent decision, then you remember that it’s alcohol and you can’t really go wrong.

After a few drinks, he tells you that you two are walking down the street to Marquee to see his favorite DJ performing- and so he can show you his moves of course. You hope that the drinks you knocked back somewhat erase your dancing tendencies that would make Taylor Swift look good.

Although he does make sure to show off some of his tap-dancing AND break-dancing skills to you, you thankfully are spending a lot of time at his friend’s table. Although after you guys collectively polish off a bottle (or two) you don’t feel so bad about dancing… especially when you’ve got a cutie like Ansel by your side! Before you know it, you two are getting up close and personal on the dance floor, it almost feels like nobody else is there anymore.



I’m pretty sure you know where the rest of the night takes you… rumors have circled about him being involved with Shailene Woodley, but do you really mind taking her sloppy seconds anyways? No, no you don’t.


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