Musical Duo Broods Be Killin’ It

We caught up with hot on the scene musical sibling duo Broods. They just released their new self-titled EP, which is nothing short of dope. Check out what they had to say about playing music with your sibling, being from New Zealand and what’s coming up for these folks.


What’s the most annoying part of performing with your sibling?
Actually it’s not bad. We hear about all of these rivalries between siblings who perform together but Caleb and I don’t really get into that. We never fight or annoy each other over the music. I enjoy performing with my brother because we are always on the same page and we just want to help each other out.

The most fun part?
You get to be yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are silly or embarrassing because there’s always love there. It’s always lighthearted because we’ve grown up together so that makes it easier and we feel very secure and comfortable.

Favorite part of LA?
We didn’t really get to see much but I would definitely say the people. Everyone was so amazing and friendly and excited to see us. It’s just crazy to think that so recently we were at home and now we’re here performing in front of all of these people who love our music and know us. It’s definitely strange but in a good way.

Have you always been interested in music?
Definitely. I can’t imagine doing anything else. You always have these dreams as a kid and there is nothing holding you back but Caleb and I just never grew out of it. This is what I have always wanted to do and now it’s real. This dream that I have had all my life. You never really get used to it.


You have a very unique sound, what are your biggest musical influences? We have a lot of different ones. Caleb is interested in the instrumentals and the arrangements. He loves Radiohead and Thom Yorke is his idol. I am more into the melodies and the lyrics and I love Likke Lie. I love female vocalists who sing about interesting things. So I think it all just comes together and we really balance each other out.

What are Broods?
Well it has two meanings and they are both quite relevant. One is the brooding mindset, where you are just sitting there brooding over something which really matches our music because our sound really is quite dark and moody. The other meaning is a more spiritual one and it is really excellent that our name matches our sound.

Is there any New Zealand slang that you have been teased for here in the states?
We’ve been told that we can be hard to understand which is funny because we understand each other perfectly and we understand the American accent. Mostly though it’s our drummer that people have a hard time understanding, I guess he has a thick accent because we will be told to slow down, we are speaking too fast!

American slang that you like to make fun of?
Not really. But one thing we have heard here that is strange is the term “Slay it” as in “you are going to get out there and slay it!” For the most part though everything is pretty self explanatory.

What’s next for you?
Now we are just going to go with the flow and then move on. When we get home it’s going to be working on the album but for now it is just keeping the EP fresh in everyone’s mind and focusing on the shows. We love playing shows in America.

Last words or shout outs?
To all the people that love our music, we love you and we have loved being here and playing in America!

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