Why Music Festival Hook-Ups Are The New Vacation Sex

Remember in high school when all the dudes who you knew hadn’t so much as seen a pussy claimed that they lost their virginities “on a cruise?” Well now that most of us have (hopefully) lost our v-cards, we can actually believe people when they talk about their spring break hook-ups. However, we think that vacation boos are a thing of the past, and it’s all about festival baes these days. Here’s why:


1. It’s Way Easier To Meet Them

The majority of people at a festival are on some type of drug, having the time of their lives to some banging music. It’s way easier to casually start grinding with a dude to Tiesto’s set than to awkwardly get away from your parents with enough time for the cutie from the hotel next door to approach you.

2. It’s Also Easier To Lose Them

Sure, maybe the guy with the panda spirit hood was a total hottie, but now you’re crushing on the guy with the full-sleeve of tats at the next tent over. Luckily, you can very easily get “lost” in the crowd and never have to see mr. spirit hood again! When you’re stuck at a resort, it can be hard to avoid the dude you awkwardly made out with the night before… and who really wants to see last night’s hook up at breakfast?


3. They Can Protect You

We all know music festivals can be as dangerous as they are fun. With all the horny dudes rolling face and the sketchy people stealing money from tents for more drugs- you could use a dude as a body-guard. It’ll be nice to have a guy to say “she’s with me” when other dudes (and chicks) hit on you, and maybe someone to make sleeping on the ground a little bit more cozy. Not to mention if you have a bad trip it could be nice to have a big man to calm you down..

4. And Provide Some Necessities..

There’s no shame in choosing a potential music-festival hookup based on his tent or his spot in the shower line…


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