MUA Brittany Sullivan Is Owning the Matte, Natural Look

Brittany Sullivan has literally mastered the perfect au naturale bombshell look. Specializing in beachy waves and strong highlights, the LA-based makeup artist masters hair and makeup on her popular Instagram account. Her feed is full of models with glowy cheeks and strongly enhanced natural features instead of the contour-and-highlight we saw EVERYWHERE in 2016.

Galore sat down with her to find out the brands she’s obsessed with and what inspires her.

What are your makeup essentials?
I LOVE glowy, flushed, extra lashy looks. Right now I am hooked on Murad moisturizers, BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfectors, IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CCs, the LORAC Unzipped Palette (rose-golds YES), and lots of single lashes. My absolute fave right now is highlights — I am loving all of BECCA’s (they do powders, liquid, and creams), CoverFX Drops in Sunlight and Candlelight, and MAC Shell Cream.

What lipstick shades are your favorite to wear?
 I personally go for nudes but for other people bare glowy skin and clean lashy eyes with a burgundy lip looks amazing – that would probably be my holiday party pick right now!

How did you get into makeup and hair?
I have always been interested in creating but did not even consider the possibility of becoming a makeup artist until my sister suggested it. I moved to LA to become a makeup artist thanks to her — she’s the Berkeley grad — she’s got all the answers!

What is your favorite part about your work?
I love being able to meet and learn about so many people with different life experiences — it has to be the best part, as much as I love the purely creative aspect also.

How does Instagram factor into your business & success?
Instagram helps me stay connected with everyone I work with and also connects me with people all over the world. One of the most amazing things about it is the really kind messages, emails, and comments of support — the kindness means SO much.

What middle school trend do you most regret?
Honestly, are there any grade school trends that I don’t regret?

My most regrettable, maybe, is when I begged my mom for a perm and then insisted on styling it so that it looked perpetually wet. Go 7th grade me. I can’t remember how long that phase lasted. I’ve either blocked it from my memory or my mom stepped in and rescued me from my hair gel fast.

What’s next for you?
I’m on holiday until next year — wooooo! AKA getting caught up with everything and getting all sorted for 2017.

Where do you see yourself a year from now?
I’m not sure. That’s the beauty (pun intended) of this profession — there isn’t really a day-to-day routine — there are new possibilities all the time.

Who has been your biggest inspiration as a makeup artist?
I get inspired here and there — I remember a magazine cover with baby blue tones and a photo of Elle Fanning that put me on a baby blue kick for a couple of weeks. Certain movies (hello, Marie Antoinette), or pastel buildings, prints, or even new makeup products spark the fire for inspiration. My biggest inspo, though, comes from the person I am doing makeup for. Sometimes I will look at them and ask how they feel about a cateye or if they ever wear their hair in a certain way. There are times when I get a specific directive from a client and other times I can lead the way for the look – the individuals unique features are the best inspiration.

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