MS MR Will Paint The Town Red On Their Upcoming Summer Tour


Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow, otherwise known as MS MR, otherwise known as the most colorful act in pop music, are heading off to tour Europe this summer. The two were at one point were an unlikely duo; they met while attending college at Vassar in upstate New York, but didn’t hang out much, and didn’t expect to ever become musicians. Lizzy had gone to school for a studio art degree, and was busy founding a record label—called Neon Gold—and Max was working towards becoming a professional dancer. When they met in New York again after graduating, they hit it off, and showed each other some music they’d been working on. Fast forward a few years, and Lizzy now says: “We’ve gone on tour a ton. We’re used to it, but it’s really cool to feel like we’re earning our stripes, you know? Every time you go on tour, you add a few more people, a few other crew mates, and you really develop a tight-knit group.”


What’s the band dynamic like?

“Max and I are both such independent people,” Lizzy paused, and went on— “But we’ve just been through so much together, that our relationship is just…so intense. He’s my best friend, my sibling, sometimes he feels like my husband…I mean, we bicker, but it always comes from a place of love. We also work really hard to keep our dynamic fun and healthy. We’re a really good team.”

“These days, being a musician means being more than a musician—it’s being an artist of all mediums.”

Not many musicians have experience on the other side of the music biz. The founder of a record label, Lizzy spoke candidly about how her experience on the corporate end of music influenced her work as an artist:

“These days, being a musician means being more than a musician—it’s being an artist of all mediums. My experience working at a record label has definitely helped shape a lot of my know-how putting together my own albums. It’s helped me understand the kind of power and control I need to assert over my own work.”

Speaking of artists of all mediums, I was curious about MS MR’s penchant for color. With a new song out, titled “Painted”, a record label called “Neon Gold” and fiery orange hair unmissable from miles away, I got a pretty good sense that Lizzy is not your typical all-black-wearing New Yorker.

“I went to college with the intention of becoming a studio artist,” she said. “I adore color. We really want to create an environment that’s larger than just musicians playing in a band. I’ve always been inspired visually, you know, I just have these memories of the way my mother designed my house, and my grandmother’s dresses…and Max is a very visually compelled person as well. We just love all the different elements that go into building an environment, with visuals and dance—we want to see all those elements through.”

And her favorite color is red.

Check out MS MR’s tour dates here. 

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