6 Movies So Bad They’re Good

I’m not really a big movie watcher to be honest. When I do watch movies, I love either movies that keep me on my feet, or movies that make me cry. However, there are those special moments where you really just want to put on your snuggie, and watch a movie that you may or may not choose to tell your friends about.

Need a good, bad movie fix? We’ve got you covered.

1. Cutting Class

The only reason I had the pleasure of seeing this movie was because I was in a foreign country with this being the only English channel. Although I hate scary movies, slasher films like this are so great because in their attempt to be horrifying, they are actually quite hilarious. Add to the ridiculous script and fact that every dude in this film seems to be a creep, we also get to see Brad Pitt in his first starring role, and looking pretty damn good I must say.

Galore Mag - Brad Pitt - Cutting Class

2. Dude, Where’s My Car?

I can’t lie, this was one of my constant rentals from Block Buster as a kid, much to my parent’s dismay. Something about the plot-line that involves getting high, Chinese food, and sexy aliens just seems to get to me. And, as usual, we definitely don’t mind the shirtless scenes with Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott who are just more adorable with their idiotic-ness.

Galore Mag - Ashton Kutcher - Seann William Scott - Dude Where's My Car?

3. Jennifer’s Body:

Again, LOTS of sexy cast members. I know this seems to be a recurring theme in the movies I’m choosing, but it’s not my fault hot actors always end up in stupid films! Regardless, besides all the hotties, you get lots of ridiculous gory scenes. If you get emotionally invested in movies like I do, you may even shed some tears when Megan’s character kills Chip in the end (I admit that I did).

Galore Mag - Megan Fox - Jennifer's Body

4. Heartbreakers

As much as you wanted to laugh at Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt as they use their sneaky seduction techniques to make a living, you can’t deny you were a little jealous you didn’t think of it first. Crushing ice into your dinner and getting a free bill? Genius!

Galore Mag - Heartbreakers - Sigourney Weaver - Jennifer Love Hewitt

5. Project X

After I saw this film in theaters (my boyfriend at the time dragged me there), I realized that we were literally paying to watch people party. Like, excuse me? Isn’t this the epitome of why technology sucks?! We should be out partying instead of watching other people do it. The cherry on top was the ending which involved a flame blower of some sort… very realistic, guys, definitely “based on a true story.”

Galore Mag - Project X

6. Saving Silverman

The plot for this movie says it all. Two guys kidnap their best friend’s fiancé to stop him from marrying her. These two guys also decide to try to set their friend up with a nun in the mean-time, all while worshipping Neil Diamond as a god. However, if it was on TV right now, I would definitely watch it.

Galore Mag - Saving Silverman - Jack Black

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