Move Over, Lucy Liu! Ayumi Is Way Hotter Than You


Ayumi Yokoyama from Satoru, Japan and the latest to model in series of photographs that Maya Kibbel has shot and featured on Galore. Ayumi is American born, but identifies with her Japanese identity strongly as well. She told us that “The biggest difference between the United States and Japan is that Americans are more social and independent. Japanese people are more shy. When I first came to Japan, I was surprised to see that a lot of people here are hesitant to speak their minds.”

“What do you think is the weirdest thing about Tokyo,” we asked her.

“Definitely the fact that people will wait on lines for hours for ridiculous things, like popcorn!”

“People do that in America too, though! And what couldn’t you live without, regardless of being in Japan or the States?”

“The one thing I can’t live without is music,” she said. “I can’t imagine life without listening to music.”


We asked her a little bit about her taste in men. She told us, “The first thing I notice in a guy is ambition. I love guys who are talented and have big goals in life.”

Who does she think is the sexiest person alive?

“I think the sexiest person alive is Lucy Liu! I wish I could be the hot Asian chick in Hollywood movies—maybe one day!”


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