5 Things That Will Get Your Ass To The Gym

With spring break and warm weather in general around the corner, you’re likely trying to hit the gym and erase the last two months of nothing but comfort food and Netflix binging. Unfortunately, once spring break is over, motivation tends to go out the window again… Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

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1. Find a killer bikini to buy once you’ve reached your goal

Galore_Minimale_Animale_NastygalMinimale Animale, at Nastygal.

Nothing wrong with a little retail-therapy-motivation, is there? Besides, once you love how you look, you’re going to want to be in a sexy bikini all the time.

2. Imagine Channing Tatum is at the end of the treadmill waiting for you (or the whole cast of Magic Mike)

Maybe you can bring your iPad to the gym and watch Magic Mike while working out instead?

3. Find a gym boyfriend

Okay, no not a real boyfriend. I mean find a hottie at the gym that you like to..well.. stalk. If you like watching that ass on the squat rack enough, you’ll make sure to get yourself to the gym everyday in time to see it.


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4. If you have a real boyfriend, make him take you to the gym

Want to get in shape, but don’t know the difference between a dead-lift and a leg-press? Have your man show you around the gym, and maybe even put you through a little workout. It’s a lot more fun that it sounds, I promise. Besides, the sight of him getting all sweaty and taking control will probably want you to engage in a little post-workout fun…

5. Follow some skinny bitches on Instagram

You know how watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show makes you want to actually go to the gym for the first time in a month afterwards? It’s kind of like that, except everyday. Wake up, look at some instagram “model” who’s got a rocking’ ass and a tiny waist, and you might be a little inspired to take that 9 am spin class after all.

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