Inaugurations From History That Were Way More Lit Than Trump’s

If you’ve been on social media since last night, you’ve probably seen that Donald Trump’s turn-out for the inaugural concert was… interesting.

Granted, the most well-known performers were Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down, so I guess you couldn’t expect much. Many people on Twitter are comparing Trump’s inaugural turnout to Obama’s, which is really just not fair, because president Obama’s inauguration was arguably the most lit in history.

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But then again, just because Trump’s a Republican doesn’t mean his inauguration can’t be lit. I mean shit, even George W. Bush had some good performers. And there will be tons of hot babes at Trump’s inauguration. I mean, they’ll all be protesting him, but take what you can get, you know?

Let’s take a walk back into history at some of the most lit inaugurations there ever were…

1. Abraham Lincoln’s Got The Popo Called

Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration got so lit that the police had to be called in.

2. James Madison Had The First Inaugural Ball

The Inaugural Ball may seem like it was always a thing, but it wasn’t. In fact, it may have never been a thing if James Madison’s wife, Dolly, never decided to throw a banger after her hubby’s inauguration.

3. George W. Bush’s Inauguration Had Destiny’s Child

Considering that many compare George W. Bush to Trump, you’d think that he had the same struggles in booking decent acts for his inauguration, but I guess people were a little less woke then, or just didn’t have as much control over their bookings. In fact, Destiny’s Child performed at Bush’s inauguration in 2001, along with Ricky Martin, Jessica Simpson (who is actually Republican), and 98 Degrees.

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4. Barack Obama’s Was Lit In Too Many Ways to Count

Naturally, Barack’s inauguration was as lit as his presidency. Beyonce performed and he allegedly drew the most attendees in history. It was estimated that he drew 1.8 Million people in 2009. This is disputed, as there’s no “official” way to count inaugural attendees, but considering he was the first black president, we wouldn’t be surprised.

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5. Woodrow Wilson’s Brought the Ladies to the Yard

Back in the good ‘ol days, no asshat president had to worry about women marching to protest his presidency, because ladies weren’t included in inaugural parades to begin with. In fact, women weren’t present in the inaugural parade until 1917, for Woodrow Wilson’s second inauguration.

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6. Reagan’s Inauguration Was Hot AF And Everyone Was Drunk

Okay, there’s no official statement saying that everyone was drunk. But Reagan’s second Inauguration Day was the same day as Super Bowl Sunday, which means that all of his supporters were likely nursing Coors Lights while screaming at the TV. Plus, that inauguration was the warmest in history, at 55 degrees. If that’s not day drinking weather, I don’t know what it is.

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