Most Likely Single This V-Day? Treat Yo’ Self With These 10 Gifts Under $20

Is there ever a time when you shouldn’t treat yo’ self? Nope. Check out these fun gifts that won’t break the bank. You deserve a pick-me-up, especially around the holiday of love.

Galore Mag - Aziz Ansari - Retta - Treat Yo' Self Gifts under $20

Hustler Bra $18

Galore Mag - Hustler bra - Treat Yo' Self Gifts under $20

This cute pink and black bralette will inspire you to keep gettin’ ca$h—so you can buy yourself even more cute shit.

DIY Hair Dye Guide $16.95

Galore Mag - DIY Dye - Treat Yo' Self Gifts Under $20

We know you’ve always wanted to go rainbow, so quit making excuses and use this step-by-step guide to achieve your hair goals!

Super QT Nail Decals $6

Galore Mag - Motel Rocks Super QT Nail Decals - Treat Yo' Self Gifts Under $20

Your nails deserve to look just as cute as your face. Bling them out with pastel bunnies, unicorns, tiaras, and more cute stuff.

Bunny Bounce Ballpen $4

Galore Mag - Bunny Bounce Pen - Treat Yo 'Self Gifts Under $20

Dear diary…this pen is too f***ing cute! It’s sparkly and pink and fuzzy and will definitely motivate you to finish all that work.

Burn Book Ankle Socks $8

Galore Mag - Burn Book socks - Treat Yo' Self Gifts Under $20

You go, Glenn Coco! Keep your feet cozy with the iconic Mean Girls burn book, but don’t tell anyone about that one time you made out with a hotdog.

Vanilla Cupcake Pillow $18

Galore Mag - Cupcake Pillow - Treat Yo 'Self Gifts Under $20

Honestly, who doesn’t love cupcakes and sleeping? You’ll have the sweetest dreams with this pillow.

Official High Times Cookbook $18.95

Galore Mag - High Times Cookbook - Treat Yo 'Self Gifts Under $20

Speaking of eating and sleeping—check out the High Times cookbook to whip up the edibles you’ve always dreamed of. Think pot pralines, ganja guacamole, and faded fried chicken. Love.

Minimergency Kit For Her $16

 Galore Mag - Minimergency Kit For Her - Treat Yo 'Self Gifts Under $20

This 17-piece kit is a must-have for any girl on the go. It includes breath freshener, deodorant, stain removing pads, and more emergency quick fixes. Perfect for the morning after the inevitable – one night stand!

Glitter Injections $10

Galore Mag - Glitter Injections - Treat Yo 'Self Gifts Under $20

Amp up your makeup game with this pretty purple glitter. Apply to eyes, lips, nails, and/or body for a seriously glam look.

Junk Food Emoji Phone Case $15

Galore Mag - Emoji Junk Food Phone Case - Treat Yo 'Self Gifts Under $20

Emojis and junk food are honestly two of the greatest inventions ever. Show your love for both with this drool-worthy phone case covered in pizza, burgers, and fries.

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