Watch 2 Chainz And Diplo Sip On Some $100K Water, Courtesy of GQ



If you haven’t been watching “Most Expensivest Shit,” 2 Chainz’s online show with GQ, you’re missing out. The premise, as you might imagine is pretty simple: 2 Chainz leaves his house and goes somewhere else to try out the most outrageous luxury goods on the planet while keeping it 100% real. Premiering in September of 2014, GQ has financed 2 Chainz to smoke the world’s most expensive weed, eat a hamburger that costs $295, and most recently, to drink $100K bottled water. We don’t say this often, but damn, do we wish we were 2 Chainz.


In the video, 2 Chainz and his good buddy Diplo, hot off the non-success of their awful collaboration “Febreeze“, cool off with Martin Riese, America’s only water sommelier, whose own restaurant, Ray’s & Stark Bar, has a 44-page, sewn-bound water menu, featuring 20 different mineral waters.  Speaking for the consciousness of the general public, 2 Chainz bluntly asks, “What’s the difference in water? Ain’t it all the same.” Apparently not.

Watch as Diplo and 2 Chainz taste three different waters, including the $100K Beverly Hills 90H20’s Ultra Diamond Luxury Collection, which prompts 2 Chainz to say, “why they gotta have this – damn, that’s dope.”

Unsurprisingly, the moral of the story is that even with the most expensivest of tastes, water is just water, unless you’re Martin Riese.

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