Don’t get caught with these basic summer Instagram captions

Summer time: when the rosé runs ice cold, sun-kissed bodies take the stage, and an unlimited supply of hot dogs and burgers somehow emerge each day. This is the pinnacle of happiness for many girls, and it gives time to be with friends, family, and do everything you’ve been putting off all winter.

It’s prime Instagram time as well. It’s easy to get caught up in the carefree lifestyle, take it from me, the girl who just broke her 9-day binge streak.

There are two different kinds of carefree. There is carefree #1 where you just want to have a good time and let loose, but you stay in tune with your badass self. And there is carefree #2 where you lose all of your creativity, start following the crowd and become #basic.

Don’t let the sand and the waves fool you, here are some of the most overused captions to use on Instagram this summer. They will 100% lose you some followers/respect/dignity etc.

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1. “Salty hair don’t care”

Let me guess, you went for a dip in the ocean and then added gobs of leave-in conditioner to your hair to achieve this look. Congratulations everyone now knows you’re due for a shower and have a hardcore S&M date with your hairbrush later.

2. “Life is a beach I’m just playing in the sand”

Even when Lil Wayne rapped this circa 2010 it still wasn’t that good. I find it so hard to believe this was the most iconic line taken from the verse when it’s followed with, ‘Uh, wake up and smell the pussy.'”

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3. “Life is good”

It’s indescribable how three minuscule words can actually take you through fifty shades of cliché. In this caption case I’m going to say 90% of the pics are of a landscape. BE CREATIVE.

4. “Searching for a reason not to stay here forever”

By all means, no one is giving you a reason. What’s stopping you? We’re bored of you anyway and hopefully your phone will die!

5. “Where you can find me”

Thanks girl, I couldn’t tell from your seven panorama Snap videos, Instagram pics and Instagram stories. Thanks for keeping me up to date with your location at all times this summer. I could’ve always just checked Snap Maps, but whatever.

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6. “Vitamin Sea”

Ahh I see what you did there, so clever and whimsical of you. I remember when puns were a thing, actually now that I think about it I don’t? Probably because they never were a thing.


7. “Summer ’17”

Leave it at ’16 @champagnemami.

8. *Insert inspirational quote here*

It’s like I have inspo-reflex I gag every damn time. We all know you rummaged through a couple searches on Google until you found one with just a dash of intelligence and a hint of wit.

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9. “[anything] SZN”

Whether it be concert, dage, kini, boating, sunnies, no-makeup or the plethora of other options. Literally do us all a favor and save it, we’re aware. It’s sunny, the day is super long, most of us can put two and two together.

If none of these captions have ever applied to you, congrats for thinking outside the box and not being sucked into the stereotypical-girl-pics-that-later-become-a-famous-tweet group!

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