Moschino Barbie Ad Proves That Boys Really Do Play With Dolls

Mattel, toy maker of Barbie, teamed up with Moschino to make the most high fashion, and expensive Barbie doll the world has ever seen. In the promotional video advertisement, two girls and a boy all play with the $150 doll together. Moschino’s creative director Jeremy Scott was behind this gender-role shattering advertisement. Forbes reports Scott celebrates Barbie, calling her a muse. “Like every girl and gay boy, I loved Barbie,” said Scott. Although this advertisement isn’t without flaws, with the problem of class exclusivity garnered from the concept of a doll with a $1,695 purse, or that the actor in the advertisement is effeminate, suggesting that it still is “emasculating” to play with dolls; we’re thrilled to see gender norms widening through toys for the future generation.

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