So Does Morning Sex Really Make Us Happier? Samii Ryan Lets Us Know

Did you know there are statistics showing that morning sex can make you happier and healthier? It was actually proven that getting that solid D in the morning is a stress reliever and that stress can be released for almost 7 days after your morning sexcapades. It’s the moment when you first peel your eyes open to see the morning gleam of sun that you feel most vulnerable and crave the feeling of being wanted. Is there anything better than morning sex? Most likely you are wanting to feeling his hard manhood slowly take you into nirvana, instead of hearing an alarm clock blast in your ear getting you ready for a busy work day. I wanted to share with you a little story of the best morning sex I’ve ever had. Now sip on your coffee and indulge in this sexual fantasy that was real life for me.

It was around the time where I was out of my REM sleep and into a light sleep where I could feel every tender kiss and every warm hug he gave me. He kissed the back of my neck and all down my shoulders, all I wanted to do was get on top of him and lay a thousand kisses on his soft sensual lips. I turned over to grab his face. Kissing him in the morning made my kitten purr, and she was soaking wet. As I gently rolled on top of him my fingers were caressing his body and his hands were all over mine.  I was pre-sex grinding on his body to feel his hard self tease my goddess. We slipped off our undies and I turned onto my side so he could enter me in the sensual spoon position. 

I was laying on my side with my back facing him, my bum was facing towards him and it was ready to slowly glide him into my kitten. He started slow and then pounded into me. My moans were soft as he thrusted his manhood into me while kissing my neck. He grabbed the vibrator that I brought over and placed it right on my clitoris. I felt him thrust into me at a higher speed while he held my toy on my kitten. He knew exactly what to do to drive me wild. My morning moans turned into full-fledged orgasm noises as his hard manhood and my vibrator worked together as a team to make me finish multiple times. 

He grabbed my bum and placed my body on top of his in a reverse cowgirl position. I leaned all the way back so he could grab my breasts and I could wrap my arms around his head. Pulsating up and down he was penetrating me at the exact angle we both needed to feel intense pleasure. I pull him out of me and crawled down under the cover to go down on him. I knew exactly how to make him finish with my amazing blowjob techniques. I spit on his manhood to make sure he was getting a similar feeling to what it felt like in my kitten. I pursed my lips and I went up and down starting slowly. I began to use my hand to go up and down his long shaft as I was flashing him a glimpse of eye contact. The tip of his penis can be ultra-sensitive right before he is about to finish so I circled it with my tongue starting slowly than stopping every time I would feel him flinch. He was already rock hard and barely able to hold it in any longer. I stopped using my hand and was controlling his full manhood in my mouth. I placed my thumb below the head of his shaft and gently applied pressure as I was spinning my tongue around him. He started to quiver and then he finished in my mouth. Swallowing was more intimate to do with him because it felt more romantic. I had him at his most vulnerable and I made him finish with a memorable ending.

I planted kisses on him (after I drank some water of course) and he would kiss me back. We had the whole “let’s lay in bed a bit longer” moment and then we finally got up and ready for the day. I left his house on a high, we had amazing sex at night and started our day with a light sexual workout that sent me into a multi organic space. He left me feeling more caffeinated and energized than my grande latte from Starbucks.

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