More Than Half Of British Young Adults Aren’t Straight

My parents are still getting the hang of my generation’s sexuality. Every time I bring home a new queer friend, my mom ponders aloud how there seem to be so many more queer people these days than there were in her time. In response to this, I explain that the queer people of her time are probably currently unhappy in a heterosexual relationship and living a double life.

But, just how many of us are no longer identifying ourselves as straight?

If you know much about sexual preferences, you’re probably familiar with the Kinsey scale. The Kinsey scale has six levels that range from exclusively heterosexual to exclusively homosexual. Kinsey argued that there is much more than simply straight or simply queer, there are a multitude of levels in between, levels that the majority of us fall into.Now that gender fluidity is practically becoming the norm, we can get a better idea of just how many of us fall in the less than straight side of the scale.

British organization YouGov polled 1632 people and had them place themselves on the Kinsey scale. When looking at the pool of adults surveyed, 72% of them identify as exclusively heterosexual. However, when looking at the pool of 18-24 year olds, things looked very different.

Only 46% of the young adults identified as exclusively heterosexual. This doesn’t necessarily mean that more young adults identify as homosexual (only 6% identified as solely homosexual), but it means that we’re finally okay with admitting that things aren’t so black and white when it comes to sex. After all, what’s the harm in experimenting? Does dating guys regularly mean that you can’t get turned on by that hot chick in your dance class? Hell no, it doesn’t!

In fact, when analyzing Kinsey ratings by age, it was distinctly clear that the younger a person is, the less likely they were to rate themselves as completely straight. If things keep continuing in this direction, could we one day be living in a society (or at least in the UK) where it’s more unique to be straight than it is to be bi-sexual? It’s definitely possible.

With measures for LGBT equality continually moving in a positive direction, it only makes sense that the population is moving along with it. If you’re straight, there’s even more reason to experiment. And if you’re gay, there’s even more of a chance you can convince that “straight” chick to experiment with you…


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