Mood Music: 6 Non-Typical Songs To Have Sex To Right Now!

If you are a red blooded human being with warmth running through your veins then you have certainly heard a song before that just got you hot and in the mood. At least once in your life ( if you are extremely unlucky). Everybody has different tastes and different passions but there are some that just have that universal sex vibe going for them. Here are six songs that you should give a try to get you in the mood, if you haven’t been using them already.

1. Closer by Nine Inch Nails: It has a slow beat going for it as well as some pretty obviously sexy lyrics, “You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you. You let me penetrate you” chants Trent Reznik in his slow, moody singing voice. I can absolutely envision this as a fully lit bedroom soundtrack.

2. Lonely Boy by the Black Keys: This song just makes me want to throw on a garter and corset and put on a show. The Black Keys rockabilly vibe is perfect for a bit of roleplaying if you want to go for some vintage speakeasy style sex. I can’t imagine anyone being a “lonely boy” if they’re playing this song.

3. Technologic by Daft Punk: My first time hearing this song was on an episode of the OC (RIP Marissa Cooper) during a very raunchy party songs. Girls in short white skirts twerked against boys with bulges pulsing through their board shorts. It was a very precociously sexy scene to a very futuristically sexy song. Goes to show: Daft Punk is sexy in every generation.

4. Madness by Muse: Muse is one of the sexiest bands I have ever heard. Their smooth, gothic sound is perfectly rhythmic for the gyrations of the bedroom and never fails to create visions of late night activities.

5. Soothe my Soul by Depeche Mode: Depeche mode has a vampiric nightlife noise to them and even the lyrics “I’m coming for you when the sun goes down” ensure images of sexy kidnappings at midnight and dangerous boys sneaking through your window.

6. Whatever You Like by Anya Marina: Anya Marina’s soft, sex kitten voice makes for a much more seductive version of this song than T.I.’s. Her version is much more slowed down and romantic but in an adult version of romantic. As in candle lit baths for two, white sheets meant to be rolled into a sweaty ball, tanned limbs entwined…

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