Start Your Friday With An Awww By Following These Models And Their Pets

Everyone loves pets. Everyone loves pictures of puppies on the internet (also, cats.. even dog people have to admit that cats and the internet are a magical combination). Seriously, what could be better than aw-worthy baby critters? Baby critters owned by hot models, obviously. Models are sexy and when they have a tender spot for furry friends, their Instas become all the more #bomb. Start your Friday off the right way by checking out these high fashion chicas and their Insta-famous pets!


Miranda Kerr With Frankie

Miranda Kerr’s Instagram is practically dedicated to her pooch Frankie, a tiny Yorkie who will make your heart melt. Frankie and Miranda even shared a Vogue cover once! Apparently, Miranda’s makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift is also a part time owner, so you know Frankie is in good hands when Miranda goes on the road!


Nina Agdal With Stella

You ever hear the saying that some people look like their dogs? Check out the matching pairs of shiny hazel eyes in this pic – how can you resist? It’s a shame Nina Agdal doesn’t post more pics with her spotty puppy Stella, but we’ll take what we can get.

candice_swanepoel_galore_magCandice Swanepoel With Milo

Love this pic of Candice Swanepoel with her furry baby Milo? The VS Angel is a real-deal pet lover, and if you don’t believe me, just head over to her Instagram to see pictures of her riding majestic horses alongside oh-so-many puppy selfies.


Lindsay Ellingson With Carly

Cuteness overload on VS Angel Lindsay Ellingson’s Insta, which features Carly the Cockapoo in almost every pic. Not to overwhelm you, but in honor of Easter, she posted a pic of Carly in bunny ears. You will cry.


Rachel Hilbert And Her Pup

Either IMG model Rachel Hilbert has three dogs or her dog looks different in every pic. But the more, the merrier, so if she only has one, it’s time to adopt some more.


Heather Marks And Oti

Heather Marks is another NYC babe who loves chilling out with her adorable English bulldog. The bulldog takes a specific kind of person to appreciate, but how can you look at that tongue and eyes looking longingly at a popsicle and not want to see more?


Kat Von D’s Kitties Poe And Piaf

Kat Von D is technically a tattoo and makeup artist, not a model, but whatever. If you want to see some hairless Siamese kitties, she’s got you covered. Poe and Piaf are prominent fixtures on Kat’s Gram, and even though they are slightly creepy, there’s still something about their big green eyes that makes you want to cuddle.

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