Models Are Secretly Using This Men’s Product For Perfect Hair

A sleek ponytail (or bun) is one of those things that always works for super models, but in real life it’s not always so glamorous.

First off, not all of us were born with the bone structure of Kendall Jenner. But more importantly, whenever we try to wear a sleek pony, it ends up with random hairs frizzing around it, not to mention wild baby hairs going every which way.

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Well, supermodels aren’t born with super stiff hair, they’ve actually been using men’s hair gel.

“My brother’s hair gel is perfect for a slicked-back bun,” confessed Bella Hadid to Vogue. “I always steal it from him—I don’t even think he knows. It’s super-goopy and gross, but once you use it on your hair, it’s amazing.”


Woody’s Quality Grooming for Men Clay Firm Flexible Hold Styling Product, $14


But you don’t need to have a brother (or a boyfriend) to use men’s hair wax. Model Fernanda Ly told Vogue she also uses men’s hair products without mentioning that she “stole” it from any dude.

“Hair wax is a good thing,” said Fernanda. “I like Gatsby; it works really well. Because I always have little baby hairs growing out, I need to get rid of them—so I just wax them down with it.”

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The good news is this Gatsby wax that Fernanda references isn’t some fancy-shmancy product (after all, it’s for dudes). You can get it on Amazon for just $10 with Prime shipping to boot!

gatsby_wax_GaloreMandom Gatsby Mat Type Styling Wax 80g, $10


Say what you want about super models, they can be really smart sometimes. Next time you want a sleek ponytail or bun, remember their trick. And instead of waiting for the time to come, just buy some men’s hair wax while you’re thinking about it. Trust us.

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