Models Do It Better: 5 Costumes That We’ll Never Be Able To Pull Off As Well

Supermodel Halloween costumes are always a vision to be envied. Of course their costumes are better than ours; when you have endless access to the best designer garb, putting a costume together is cake. From the sexy to the strange, here are the best supermodel Halloween costumes of all time!

1. Heidi Klum, Hindu goddess: Heidi Klum is a goddess in her own right but this year she became a many armed hindu woner. With her all blue body paint and belt of shrunken heads, she didn’t necessarily look as former-Victoria’s Secret model hot as usual, but she was certainly devastating, and I WANT HER HEAD DRESS!


2. Adriana Lima, Corpse Bride: I don’t think I am the only one who thought that, even being dead, Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride was hauntingly beautiful with her silent movie eyes and (deathly) pale skin. Adriana Lima was certainly not who came to mind when admiring this pallid, literal skin and bone figure but she did not disappoint with her rendition!


3. Chrissy Teigan, Cleopatra: Who better to be the golden skinned, Egyptian heartbreaker than a modern day golden skinned heartbreaker like Chrissy? Donning a short black haired wig and simple blue Egyptian style gown, Teigan managed to pull of the outfit in a way only a woman with a certain degree of queenly beauty could.


4. Gisele Bundchen, Wonderwoman: She no doubt has the body for it! Wonderwoman may be a tired Halloween costume but if anyone is going to own it, it is former Victoria’s Secret model Gisele with her long lean legs and perfect figure!


5. Karoline Kurkova, 1920’s Flapper: As I have said, the flapper is my favorite costume. And Kurkova pulls of the classy sex appeal just right in a plunging neckline and full length skirt.

Dimitrios Kambouris

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