Models Bailee Mykell And Wyatt Noble Love Each Other, Whiskey And Sex

Actors/Models Bailee Mykell and Wyatt Noble fell in love on the set of a short film. When asked about it, Wyatt said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous to work with someone, even to this day. During filming, I was being told to scream in her face and punch things—obviously the best way to get someone to fall in love with you.” Bailee followed up: “The first night I met Wyatt I had a pretty good idea of what it would be like to be in his world…it was so easy to fall in love with him.” It gets a bit more edgy than that, however—together, they explain their love for each other, whiskey, Los Angeles, and why crazy is the new norm. 

galore_mag_bailee_mykell_3Shirt – Kelly Cole Vintage, Leather jacket – Vintage, Necklace – Haati Chai

How did you the two of you meet?

Bailee Mykell: We met filming a short film. It was portraying a relationship, the good and the bad.

Wyatt Noble: I had no idea that I was going to be shooting with anyone else at all. I didn’t even know the concept for the video before she showed up at my apartment where we filmed it.

B: But it wasn’t all fighting! The chemistry came so naturally, especially in the scenes that showed us connecting positively. I love the fact that we pretty much have our entire first night together on film — Pretty much.

W: Besides the fighting and crying scenes, the whole thing didn’t seem like acting at all. I was so worried about the moment we were done filming and it’d all be over. So I did everything I could to convince her that spending time with me again would actually be worth it.

Wyatt, what attracted you to Bailee?

W: She was one of those people that you see and automatically believe to be so far beyond your reach that you shouldn’t even attempt striking up a conversation. In other words, very fucking intimidating. At the same time though, she kind of emanates a sense of happy calm. I have a tendency to get in my own head and overthink things and she honestly just kind of laughed it off. She reminded me that its okay to just relax.

Bailee, what attracted you to Wyatt?

B: Have you seen the kid? Total fucking stud. Besides his looks, he’s a complete badass. He’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. From his confidence, and talents to his wits, and charm. I was pretty much entranced. It was so easy to fall in love with him. Especially once he picked up the guitar, it was game over.


When did you know it was love?

 B: I don’t know about the moment we knew. But I do remember opening a pack of cigarettes and seeing that the only one left had the words “I love you” written on it. I think that was the first time either of us had mentioned it.

W: I remember being terrified of the word and especially saying it out loud. But I had to tell her somehow.

Describe your perfect date.

W: Honestly whiskey, a pack of cigarettes, and the beach. Or a bed.
B: Same.

galore_mag_bailee_mykell_wyatt_noble_2Bailee: Shirt – Dolce & Gabbana, Jacket – Helmut Lang, Shorts – Line & Dot, Shoes – Céline Wyatt: Shirt – THE/END, Pants – Alexander McQueen, Black Oxfords – Ted Baker, Necklaces/Pendents – Vintage

What would you say has been your craziest experience in Los Angeles so far? Can be crazy good or crazy insane, either is fun.

W: That’s the thing about this city though, isn’t it? We’re all out of our fucking minds at the end of the day. But honestly aside from every day happenings there’s not a whole lot that sticks out. That could be because the days all seem to blend together here. But I think mostly it’s just because crazy is the new norm. The craziest things that have happened are honestly just the chances we had to work with some our biggest inspirations and icons in front of and behind the camera. Unfortunately, most of which we are not yet at liberty to discuss. Yet.

What’s your favorite part of living in LA?

W: We have something here that many people don’t have for their entire lives and that is variety. Variety and opportunity in art, people, and all around life experience. You can choose something that you want to do and if you want to do it badly enough, you have the resources as your fingertips. There is literally always an option.

B: The best part of LA is living in a place where so many creative worlds are colliding. It’s refreshing to be somewhere where something new is being made everyday.

Least favorite?

B: Hands down, street sweeping.

galore_mag_bailee_mykell_2White hat – Études Studio, Knit dress – Nasty Gal, Shoes – Célinegalore_mag_wyatt_noble_2Leopard shirt – Chapter, White leather jacket – THE/END

Who are your style icons?

W: That’s kind of a tough question for me, actually. Not only because it’s changed so many times but also because the people that I look to for style inspiration are usually people I look to for artistic inspiration as well, and there are a lot those. First and foremost, it’s my friends. I learn a lot about style and different ways to carry myself from the people that I’m close to. That’s an important one. Lately the 80’s and the culture in that decade has been really prominent in my music and what inspires me. So anyone from Ian Curtis of Joy Division, Robert Smith of The Cure, or Andrew Eldritch of Sisters of Mercy, to the cast of The Lost Boys. Others would include Leo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp in the 90’s, Jimi Hendrix always had the best jackets, and A$AP Rocky pretty much never looks bad.

galore_mag_bailee_mykell_1Dress – Zeynep Erdogan, Shoes – ASOS

Wyatt, tell us a little about the music you’ve been working on. 

W: I am currently working on a self-titled EP with my band, Mourning Habits. We’re planning to have it out at the beginning of the fall. As for the sound or what can be expected? This is the first EP that I’ve given myself the time and the freedom to write exactly what I want to. In past projects I’ve been too quick to let it become something that fits a previously decided mold, so I’m excited to see what comes from letting ourselves see exactly what we are like translated into music.

galore_mag_wyatt_noble_3Black tee – H&M, Leather jacket – Vintage, Pants – Saint Laurent

What is currently in heavy rotation on your playlist?

W: Oh man. So much. Constants for me are The Cure, The Smiths, and Gorillaz. Other than that I have been listening to Beach Fossils, Diiv, Cold Showers, Swimm, Golden Sun, Type O Negative, Oscar, Cold Cave, Kendrick Lamar, and Mode Moderne pretty much non-stop. Breaking only for The Weekend’s and Tame Impala’s new singles and A$AP Rocky’s new record. Like I said, so much. I can’t actually think of a time during the day that I’m not listening to music.

B: Washed Out, War Paint, WildNothing, Golden Sun, A$AP Rocky, and of course everyone needs some My Chemical Romance here and there. Anyone who says they don’t is a fucking faker.

Pick your poison.

W: Just one? Shitty whiskey and a cigarette.

B: Sex.

bailee_mykell_wyatt_noble_galore_mag_1Bailee: Shirt – Kelly Cole Vintage, Leather Jacket – Vintage, Necklace – Haati Chai, Wyatt: Black tee – H&M, Leather jacket – Vintage, Pants – Saint Laurent

Photography By Danielle DeFoe

Modeling By Bailee Mykell & Wyatt Noble

Styling By Brittny Moore

Make-up By Nathan Hejl

Hair By Amber Duarte

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