Model Minute: Yvonne Logan Keeps Tupac Bumping On Repeat

Model Yvonne - Galore Mag

Name: Yvonne Logan

Age: 21

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Agency: Wilhelmina

Hometown: Costa Mesa

What are your summer plans? Hopefully a road trip.

Favorite Vacation Spot: San Francisco

What song is on repeat in your car? “Smile” – Tupac

Best Summer Beauty Secret: No foundation.

If you were president what would you change? I would ban motorcycles on the freeway..and a few other things.

Biggest turn off: Dirty nails.

What TV show do you binge watch? That 70’s Show

Favorite Disney Princess: Belle

If you weren’t a model what occupation would you have? Creative Director.

What is your favorite summer treat: Watermelon

Rihanna or Beyonce: Ah, so hard. But I guess I have to go with Beyonce because she’s a little more OG, but I love Rihanna’s attitude for life.

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