Erika Linder, Androgynous Model, Talks Marrying For A Green Card

Erika Linder will make you question your sexuality, in like, a REALLY good way…well, that’s what happened with me anyways. She’s got the eyes of Leo DiCaprio, the cheek bones of River Phoenix, and the tits of..ugh, I dunno, I’m GAY! As a model (she’s signed with both Next and Unique, btw) who works both as a male and female, Erika (along with people like Andrej Pejic and Casey Legler) is apart of a new movement within the fashion industry that is challenging gender roles and basically saying, “f*** you, stereotypes!”, or like, whatevs. I got the chance to interview Erika and find out what its like to play both roles, her ultimate celeb girl crush, and what’s inspired her future move from her native Stockholm to the City Of Angels. Scroll down for more!

Jeremy McClain: So I personally became obsessed with you when I saw a picture of you compared to a picture of my tween dreamboat Leo DiCaprio. I mean, you guys (no pun intended) could literally be twins! What is it like being a model that can play both male and female roles in the fashion industry?

Erika Linder: Yes! I’ve said this before but if I was only doing it one way around. Only female modeling or only male modeling, I think I would get pretty bored already. I like to play around and challenge myself and to see different results all the time. The fact that I’m doing both and get attention from it is the main reason I’m still in this industry. It’s amazing since I’ve only been doing this for 2 years now.

JM: I know you’re currently living out in Stockholm, but I know we talked about future plans for LA. What’s the next step for you and your career on the West Coast?

EL: I do travel a lot but the fact that I’m so attracted to LA is because it’s so different towards Sweden. Even before modeling, I went to LA a couple of times just to get away, so I’ve spent a lot of time there. I’ve got a lot of plans in my mind that I want to do. I don’t want to say too much about it but I feel like I’ve just started with my career and there’s plenty of other things that I have in store.

JM: A lot of my lesbian girlfriends over here have a total girl boner for you.  What’re the qualities of your dream person?

EL: I like when a girl is comfortable in her own skin. It’s the sexiest thing ever to me. She doesn’t necessarily have to be, what society calls, sexy. Doesn’t matter if she’s hot because if she’s not feeling hot, then it takes away the attraction. If she is comfortable and feel sexy than it will automatically catch my attention. I also like a good friend that I can share and learn new things with. Someone that I can go on adventures with. I like simplicity so there’s no need to feel any pressure. It’s funny because when I find a girl attractive, she’s usually very boyish. And when I find a boy attractive, he’s usually quite feminine in his features.


Photo by Sara M. Saric

JM: I’m loving your laid back, no fuss look. Who’s your ultimate style inspiration?

EL: Thank you! Yeah, I don’t really put that much effort to my daily look. I just sort of pick up whatever I can find, without thinking about matching etc. so I don’t really have a certain fashion icon or something. I just go with whatever I feel is comfortable and me, but I like the 90s heart throb kind of look that they had back in the days. With a snapback and vintage clothes mixed with a rocker touch.

JM: What’s been your favorite modeling experience so far?

EL: My favorite modeling experience so far must be the Leonardo DiCaprio shoot I did for Candy magazine. Still. It’s what put me on the map and opened so many doors for me so fast. It was my first photoshoot outside of Sweden and since Leo is my favorite person and I got to portray him from my favorite era, then it’s hard to beat that. Even though I’ve been through a lot of amazing experience and met so many people and seen so much in so little time it’s, personally, one of the best things I’ve done so far.

JM: Biggest celebrity girl crush and why?

EL: It’s funny I don’t really have that many celebrity girl crushes. I always try and think of a good one though but…. I’m fangirling a little bit over Teresa Palmer and Gisele Bündchen. They are “girl next door” beautiful with a very natural look, which I love!

JM: Best life mantra?

EL: I think everyone should create a bucket list because it sets a goal in your life. And you’re never too old to fulfill your dreams. Just go for it. You only live once, from what you’re aware of at least, so you’ve basically nothing to lose.

JM: Will you marry me for a green card?

EL: Haha! If I’d had issues with getting one, I’d marry you!

JM: Where do we follow you @ (social media wise)?

EL: I’m on Twitter @ErikaLinder and Instagram @RichiePhoenix

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