Model Anna-Sophie’s Do’s & Don’ts For A Summertime Red Lip

A summertime red lip can be a huge hit, or an even bigger miss. It’s imperative a girl perfects this fiery look, especially with all the summer love in the air, so we figured we’d bring in a pro to answer our most serious of red lip application questions. Check out what model Anna-Sophie had to say below, and pucker up!


1. What’s your secret to a perfect red lip?

Ruby Woo by Mac is my secret weapon. If I’m too lazy to dress up or to apply make up, I use this lipstick and I’m ready to roll out of bed and go straight to dinner.

2. Do you use lip liner? If so, what’s your favorite kind?

I don’t use liner… I’m just not good at applying it.

3. Is a red lip summer acceptable?

I think a red lip works all year round – at nighttime or daytime. But in the summer, I like to keep it more natural.

4.  Best makeup remover to get off all the red pigment?

Bioderma Solution Micellaire is my favorite french pharmacy product.

5. Blush or bronzer when wearing a bold lip?

Definitely bronzer or nothing.

6. What are some of your everyday makeup necessities?

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer because it gives you an even skin tone, but doesn’t look too heavy. I love to look like I don’t wear make up, but I still want to have flawless skin!

7.  Do you have any makeup tips that one can only learn through modeling?

I’d say it’s that less is more. Contouring and highlighting are much more effective and important than applying too much eye shadow, fake lashes and bright blush. It’s a learned art form to bring out your own natural beauty with makeup. I don’t think there is anything sexier than a raw, natural beauty. However, everybody is different and it’s not easy to know how to properly apply the natural look, so I always recommend talking to a pro and seeing what is best for your features.




Photography: Delgado Delbosque

Model: Anna Sophie at Q Models

Hair: Christian Salazar

Makeup: Diana Jimenez

Styling: Osiris Cadena

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