Model Ana Tanaka Tells Us Her Secret to Recovering from Heartbreak

I Broke Up Like This” is a new bi-weekly series on Galore. Every other week, we’re sitting down with some of our favorite bombshells who we love, admire, and look up to so that we may ask them about their break ups. This week we sat down with model Ana Tanaka to get her secret to getting over a bad break up, and talk about how she manages to balance a modeling career and a business while also having a man. 

Galore: Since you’re a model, do people assume that you never have any trouble in your dating life?

Tanaka: Yes, for sure! When in fact it can be quite complicated as models are constantly on the move. You never know where you will be from day to day. So this can be testing for whoever you are dating or in a relationship with.

Galore: Do you ever find it difficult maintaining a balance between your work life and your love life? Do you think that type of balance is possible to find?

Tanaka: I have luckily found an amazing balance. I have a boyfriend who is always 100% supportive of my career and lifestyle. We have actually started two businesses together aside from my modeling career. So, yes. I do think it’s possible.

Galore: What’s the worst break up you’ve ever been through?

Tanaka: I’ve never had a really bad break up but my worst was probably when I decided to move to New York. I felt kind of bad afterwards. I could have dealt with it better but I was younger then and so career driven that relationships came second to me at that time.

Galore: What kind of music got you through it?

Tanaka: Uplifting party songs are a good distraction. Probably a lot of Rihanna at the time. Stay clear of all the depressing stuff! It really won’t help you at all.

Galore: Were you eventually grateful that the break up happened and you didn’t end up with that person?

Tanaka: Fore sure. But, I never regret anything. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason.

Galore: The best comfort food during a break up is ________

Tanaka: PIZZAAAAAAAAA AND CHOCOLATE… Loads of it. Some people can’t eat when they’re upset. I, on the other hand, can’t stop!

Galore: To block an ex on social media or to not block an ex?

Tanaka: 100 million percent, BLOCK!

Galore: What are some style tips for boosting your confidence after a split?

Tanaka:  A new hair cut or color is always a winner.  I think dressing with colorful, sunny clothing will lift up your mood. Just play about with new styles. And get the high heels out and the party dress!!!

Galore: Your favorite long wear foundation and water proof mascara for when tears might be in the forecast but you still want to look hot?

Tanaka: I swear by Clinique High Impact curling mascara. And for the face, a new favorite of mine is cover FX CC cream. The ingredients are also fine for skin that’s prone to break outs.

Galore: Your secret to recovering from heart break?

Tanaka: Focus on yourself and make the most of that time to concentrate on you. Spending time with your girlfriends is the best cure; travel, laugh, and don’t forget to have fun!

Galore: Your advice to any girl who is currently going through a break up right now.

Tanaka: Everything in life happens just as its meant to even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. You will look back in the near future and wonder what all the upset was about…I promise!

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