Everything You Need to Know About Mixing Weed and Sex

Mixing weed and sex is probably better on all counts than mixing the latter with alcohol but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have the most intense sex ever. You could just end up falling asleep on top of your partner. Despite the high probability of that scenario many people insist that weed is one of the only true aphrodisiacs to exist, and now with legalization in Colorado and Washington state, it’s becoming even more readily available, in a wide variety of forms (like gelato and hot fries). 

Back in the day, like, WAY back in the day, some practitioners of tantric buddhism used cannabis when they engaged in sexual acts. Of course, these acts were primarily engaged in as a means of practicing religion and weren’t about seeking pleasure contrary to popular belief, so the use of marijuana during tantric sex may have been because it allowed the practitioners to feel more spiritual rather than more sexual. 

Still the association with sex stuck and today a whole wealth of anecdotal evidence exists, where people swear the weed makes them feel extra sexy. Like this poll on PsychologyToday.com where 67% of respondents said that marijuana use enhanced their sexual experiences. 

But, is there any substance to the testimonies? Well, science is kind of all over the board on this one. On one hand we know that weed creates a sensation of slowing down time and inhibits our short term memory. This sensation can make it easier to forget about all the things you’re worrying about and focus on the feelings of touch and pleasure that happen when we have sex. Other studies have suggested that weed lowers levels of testosterone however— which in turn lowers libido. This study is pretty old though and has been contested by others. 

Another important thing to consider when mixing weed and sex is that, it doesn’t exactly do much as far as lubrication goes. Some strains of marijuana will cause mucus membranes to dry up. Which includes your vagina. No fear though, in case of “cotton vagina” there’s always marijuana lube

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