Missing Amy Winehouse? Listen To Kelsy Karter’s “Kiss The Boys” EP

If you’re obsessed with Lana Del Rey but found her Honeymoon album to be more of the same, or if you wish Amy Winehouse would be resurrected for just one last tune, satiate your hunger for edgy-jazz sounds by listening to Kelsy Karter‘s newest release, Kiss The Boys. The 6 track EP has a eclectic mix of influences: listening brings one into a world saturated in soul, with obvious 60’s pop and classic R&B undertones, and sporadic classic rock and even punk riffs. Overlayed with Karter’s low and easy jazz vocals (and cute Aussie accent) this is the essence of what a modern jazz album should be.

Kiss The Boys, which was released Friday along with the music video for it’s lead single, Crystal Blues, is the work of a newcomer delving (not too deeply) into classic themes of love and femininity. Karter sings, “I’ll always be the girl who kissed the boy and made him cry,” in a lyric that epitomizes the emotional themes of the album. It’s about teenage love, love that, while life-changing and deeply felt, is not too complex. Rather, the joy in this EP comes from the way the songs leave listeners feeling lifted off Karter’s big, leading lady voice and orchestral sounds.

Watch the video for “Crystal Blues” below, and then head over to iTunes to hear the rest of the album.

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