The Craziest Miss Universe Costumes

This year’s Miss Universe pageant was filled with some of the craziest national costumes! Let’s just say, they were wildly unique per usual. These fierce women have to be absolutely confident for the sake of making these crazy ensembles work. Think about it, how many people do you know who can dress as a sparkling human-version of a tree and STILL somehow look stunning at the same time? Miss Venezuela  could give you a pointer or two. Or how about Miss Dominican Republic who took arguably the most angelic photo in the history of beauty pageants?  And please, don’t get me started on Miss Greece, she defines the word ‘flawless.’ Her silky flowing dress paired with her wispy up do makes my heart flutter. Here are some of the most insane and electrifying costumes, round of applause for these amazing women!! I suggest you turn on the TV tonight to watch the judges implode trying to crown a winner. Just look at them, they’re all obviously superhuman.

Miss USA

miss usa

Miss Dominican Republic

miss dominican republic

Miss Greece

miss greece

Miss Venezuela 

miss venezuela

Miss Argentina

miss argentina

Miss Belgium

miss belgium

Miss Finland

miss finland

Miss Guatemala

miss guatemala

Miss Guyana 

miss guyana

Miss Tanzania 

miss tanzania

Miss Puerto Rico

miss puerto rico

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