Miss Universe Jamaica Kerrie Baylis Dishes Some Pageant Worthy Makeup Tips

Less than six months ago Kerrie Baylis handed over her Miss Universe Jamaica crown. Since then, she has been announced as director of the soon to be launched “Jamaica Travel Channel” where she will give Jamaica visitors a place to find out how they can have the best trip! Kerrie is a force to be reckoned with. When we heard this beauty was fully armed with a law degree, we knew she was a Galore Girl. Not only does she use her smarts to better the world through philanthropic work, but she’s a girl’s girl with some pretty epic beauty, skincare, and workout tips as well. See them all below!

You have quite the resume! When was the moment you decided to go from law student and investment banking to venture into your modeling?

Thank you! There was never really a transitioning moment. I never liked the idea of being caged into one thing or sticking to the ‘norm’.  I was good at academics (and my mother would not have it any other way), but I also had a passion for modeling from I was a teenager. As opposite as they are, I never saw any reason why I couldn’t be just as fierce in a corporate/professional setting as I was on the runway and so I’ve been doing just that over the years.

It was just announced that you would be directing the soon to launch “Jamaica Travel Channel” which sounds thrilling!  Can you give us insight as to what to expect once it airs?

I am so excited about the upcoming launch of Jamaica Travel Channel.  Essentially it will be a complete televised ‘tour guide’ for visitors to Jamaica on where to visit, what to see, where to shop, where to dine etc. We want visitors to Jamaica to experience as much of and the best of Jamaica whilst they are there and the channel will be the platform for that.  

What kind of workouts do you prefer?  Share your secrets please!

My secrets are to keep it fun, quick and effective. For example, I get bored on a treadmill after 10 minutes! So for cardio, I swap those kind of machines for an aerobics or Zumba class that way I enjoy it. I push more when there is music and an instructor to keep me going.  

A class like that is a great warm up – after that I will go straight to weight training.  Weights help to burn fat faster and that’s what gives you toning and definition.  You don’t need to do much as there are a lot of pretty basic exercises and you can see start to see results in just a few weeks.

Also, try to have some protein before or after a workout – it makes a big difference in terms of muscle recovery, immune system support and seeing faster results.

Best makeup tip pageants have taught you over the years?

Use primers to make foundation, lipstick and eye makeup more flawless looking and to make colour last longer.

How to make lipstick stay on longer – once applied place a piece of tissue over lips and then a dab powder over it to make it set. 

How to stay matte – apply heavier powder to the areas that you are shiniest first – usually T zone and apply lighter elsewhere

Go lighter and more natural for daytime – apply foundation with fingers for a more sheer look and at night or for stage apply with a brush for heavier coverage.

Bronzer makes you glow like a goddess – make sure you apply to contour areas on the face, neck and chest for even coverage and glow.

Make sure to blend well and keep everything soft 😉

After all of the beauty pageants you have been in, has there been a “most embarrassing moment” for you?

Yes!! In 2012 I won a Tourism pageant for the Caribbean hosted in Guyana called Miss Jamzone International. The stage had a slight runway and either side of it was covered over with fabric. Right after I was crowned, taking my first walk and waving in all my glory I took a step and there was no floor beneath me!! One leg went down while the rest of me sat dangling on the stage with my flowers still in hand until someone hoisted me back up! It still makes me laugh to this day – so embarrassing!

You have been heavily involved in a lot of philanthropic work!  Are there any projects that you are currently helping with?

Yes, I love to give back and have been involved in many different projects. I just came to Miami in November 2014. I recently joined forces with Whip fundraising – a company which partners with various associations and foundations across the US. We specialize in providing strategies, items, packages and experiences which raise funds for foundations.  I have coupled my involvement with Jamaica and tourism to also structure vacation packages to be sold where proceeds go to charity –> kerrie@whipfundraising.com

I also host a number of seminars which teach health through beauty and the importance of using natural skincare products on the skin as the effects are more than just skin deep. I partner with a skincare line that is 100% natural and all net profits from the products that we sell are donated to charitable and humanitarian projects.

What products do you trust to keep your skin looking perfect before pageants and shoots?

Pageants and shoots often require wearing heavy makeup for long hours which takes a toll on the skin and there is pressure to always have good skin.  I swear by all natural skincare products and having a daily routine. 

My trusty products are:

Shankara Balance Oxygenating & Deep Pore Cleansing Face Masks

Organic Coconut oil

Shankara Day Time Moisturizer (Natural SPF Protection)

Who are you biggest inspirations?

My parents, they made me the woman I am today. All my success I owe to the lessons they taught me and the support they gave me along the way. Also, my partner – a brilliant mind and talent with the purest heart. He’s so kind, patient, wise, resilient and a true entrepreneur. I learn from him daily, he supports me in everything I do, helps me solve the challenges and makes me believe I can achieve anything and everything. Your inspiration should be someone that makes you grow, makes you flourish and he is that someone.

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