Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Brows From Makeup Expert Miss Fame

Miss Fame, aka Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen, has worked as a model, makeup artist, and participant on RuPaul’s drag race season seven. Her photoshoots and YouTube tutorials prove that she knows it all about enhancing skin, eyes, and lips. She even named her debut album Beauty Marked, a nod to her obsession with all things makeup. We’re most intrigued by her high arching, perfectly manicured eyebrows, a look which is only achieved by perfect percision and mastery of the tweezers. Anything you were wondering about cultivating a strong brow game, from shaping technique to getting glittery brows, is no longer a mystery thanks to Miss Fame’s exclusive tips.

Thread, wax, or tweeze?

Tweeze. I can take as little or as much as I prefer and avoid any sensitivity to a wax.

Tips for shaping?

Brows frame the face just like any facial hair (like men’s mustaches and sideburns). You can create a style or mood depending on your brow. In the past we’ve seen brows thin and high, arched dramatically. Fast forward to the full natural look of today. I suggest working with an beauty expert to discover your best shape and go from there. I personally like a full brow with minimal grooming, just slightly cleaned up. It feels youthful and softens the face.

Pencil or powder to fill ‘em in?

I like using a pencil for detail and to add a defined line, which gives a clean line at the tail of the brow. Powder looks great on mature skin, it’s softer and more subtle for women of a respectable age.

Galore Pick: Benefit Instant Brow Pencil

Tips for overdrawing your eyebrows?

Use a thin, self sharpening pencil or a felt tip pen for brow structuring. Select a color with the natural tone of your hair to make for the most believable exaggeration.

Galore Pick: NYX Eyebrow Marker

How to keep wild brows in place?

Clear brow gel is great for a clean look on a naturally full brow. For a softer brow I suggest using a tinted brow gel and combing hairs into place. All brow gels will dry and lock into place.

Galore Pick: ELF Clear Brow Gel

Thoughts on colorful brows?

I love to play with makeup and the brow is a territory we don’t get as exploratory with as we could. Here’s a tutorial where I share a glitter brow technique that is great for a party or Halloween. Go for it, it’s only makeup!

Worst mistake one can make when doing their eyebrows?

Over-tweezing. It’s tough to get that perfect shape, but getting heavy handed in front of a magnifying mirror will only make things worse. Give yourself a time limit of 2-3 minutes to manicure your brows. This allows you to assess the terrain without removing your architecture. Simply sophisticated brows are always in.

The ideal on-the-go brow rescue?

I always have a neutral shade pencil with a duel-end including a brow brush and a clear gel. Those tools give me brow game when I feel it’s necessary to look sharp.

Galore Pick: Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil

Any final pro-tips?

Explore your canvas and be brave enough to try something new. Makeup can wash off if you don’t like it and you will discover what looks best on you personally.

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