Aussie Model Mimi Elashiry Reveals Her Daily Routine, Here’s How To Emulate Her Successes

We asked Aussie model Mimi Elashiry about a normal day in her life, hoping to get a glimpse inside her boho glam world. You might imagine her days are filled with photoshoot after photoshoot, but it takes much more than that to achieve world domination. What did we expect from one of the fiercest ladies in the game? Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking to emulate Mimi’s successes.


I wake up at 6am.

My first thought is apple cider vinegar.

I’m feeling comfy, so I wear just undies.

By 9, I head to work. In the car I’m blasting Boris Brechja

My morning is filled with smoothies and sit-ups, birds singing in my backyard and swims in the ocean.

Lunch is at 2 and I’m grubbing on fresh grate beetroot, a slice of khorsan sprouted bread with home-made miso and avocado while I sit in the sun.

My afternoon is spent eating raw chocolate and drinking licorice root tea

I finish the day with soup, then it’s time to have a cacao party

Before I head out for the night, I drink lots of cacao slushies blended with coconut milk at my own nest.

Tonight’s event is a secret and I’m looking forward to just being me, so I wear triple denim.

I get back home at 12pm, decompress with apple cider vinegar, coconut kefir and filtered water with some ice, and it’s lights out by that I can’t tell you

Photos: Simon Upton

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