Millennials are more likely to text in the middle of an IRL convo than teens are

Today in “millennials low-key suck news”: apparently our generation is more likely to message while talking to someone in real life than teens are, according to a survey from Facebook Messenger.

I know, we’re shocked too. Aren’t teens supposed to be the self-absorbed monsters that text while a real human being is standing right in front of their faces, trying to chat?!

Apparently not. 82% of millennials admit to having “sidebar” message conversations, which means texting while you’re in a social situation with other human beings. Meanwhile, only 79% of teens admit to doing it. This shocking intel comes from Facebook Messenger’s Messages Matter study, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the SMS text, which falls on Dec. 3.

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Where are these social faux pas occurring? Usually at social events, according to the survey, and family gatherings. Sidebar texters claim they’re doing it to strengthen their relationships, but come on guys — nothing will make you more popular and loved than speaking to people face-to-face.

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