Milk & Bone Are Your New Fave Music Duo

Yin and Yang ain’t got nothing on Milk & Bone. The stunning indie-pop duo from Montreal remind us of the beauty of friendship with their brilliant connection through music.

However different Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne are in real life, the girls become one dynamic force in the studio and on stage.

Their interwoven, delicate harmonies and slinky beats had us hypnotized last night during their showcase at The Standard, East Village.

Up in the penthouse overlooking the gorgeous New York skyline, Camille and Laurence told us all about their debut record Little Mourning and why being in a band with your best friend totally rules.


Milk & Bone - Montreal - The Standard East Village - Little Mourning - Camille Poliquin - Laurence Lafond-Beaulne - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander - Galore Mag- April 24

Amazing that you have almost 1 million plays on Soundcloud for “Pressure”! If you had a dollar for every play, what would you do with your million dollars?

Camille: I would buy a house. I think I would get just a home in Montreal where I could just be. The rest of the money would go towards traveling but I would know I always have my home.

Laurence: It would be cool to afford a trip together to record an album in like Japan or something. We would love to record in another city besides Montreal to see if we get inspired by different things and write differently in another city.


Congrats on your debut album coming out this week! Tell us a little more about the record and why this is truly means for celebration.

Camille: We’ve been friends for five years and we’ve worked together in a school setting, that’s where we met, and we’ve worked together with other bands…so we slowly started to work together. We were in the studio for a year, so for us this first album is probably a mix of everything that’s happened those five years that we’ve known each other.

We’ve been through a lot and that’s why we’re celebrating, I think.

Laurence: It was amazing to release it in Canada but it’s something really special to be able to release it in the U.S.

Camille: Canada is where we worked for such a long time but here we’re so new. We’re so lucky to have a team that believes in us and really wants to make our music known to people. That’s really exciting.

So tell me, why is being in a band with your best friend the best?

Laurence: It’s pretty cool because for example, SXSW, we get to go to this crazy cool festival and experience it with your best friend. We’re a really good team because she knows when I’m stressed and I know when she’s stressed and needs a break. It’s really easy to work that way. We know each other too well.

We also get to have so much fun outside of the music. We’re friends. We go shopping, dancing and we have a drink. We’re always together and it’s pretty awesome.

Camille: I’ve never had any trips away from home with friends, ever. Now we get to travel for our “work”, if you can say that. Also, I get to be with my friend in my free time. I couldn’t imagine going through so much with anyone else. No one else would get this the same way. At this point, I really hate the person I’m working with if it wasn’t her.

Laurence: All of this can be pretty intense so we’re lucky to be a team. It’s tiring, draining and a lot of work. It’s two, so it’s easier.

Milk & Bone - Montreal - The Standard East Village - Little Mourning - Camille Poliquin - Laurence Lafond-Beaulne - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander - Galore Mag- April 24

That being said…We have PB&J, Yin and Yang; why is Milk & Bone the best new duo?

Camille: We’re really, really different and I think that’s why it’s working out. I’m so much more rational in my work and she’s not. We deal with things so differently that I always need her point of view to get the whole picture. I’m pretty sure she needs mine to see what’s actually going on.

Laurence: We feel things really differently…it’s kind of interesting to bring those two things in songs. When we’re in the studio, I write a certain way and she writes a totally different way. To bring our work together it makes it much richer. Our musical influences are so different too.

Aw, you complete each other!

Camille: We really do!

Canada gets a bad rep for imports like Justin Bieber. What are the good things that you love about your home.

Camille: A lot of things, we never think about Justin Bieber.

Laurence: We live in Montreal, Quebec. Montreal is really home. It’s an amazing city. First of all, it’s a really open minded city. It’s a cheap city so artists get to be able to live and make music and not have to work like crazy. We’re lucky for that.

There’s a really powerful music scene in Montreal. Musicians want to help each other instead of competing.

Camille: It’s such a small music community that we can’t afford to compete. Everyone’s helping each other out and everyone’s happy for each other. That’s what I love about it. I can’t tell you about Canada; I can only tell you about Montreal.

What about New York? Your song “New York” is rather sad so on the flip side, how do you plan to actually enjoy the city?

Laurence: “New York” talks about a specific story that’s really sad. We love New York. We’re so excited every time we get to come to the city. We meet amazing people. People are really open minded and wanting to meet new people.


Milk & Bone - Montreal - The Standard East Village - Little Mourning - Camille Poliquin - Laurence Lafond-Beaulne - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander - Galore Mag- April 24


What would your rap names be?

Camille: I have this solo project I worked so hard to find a name for and one of the names, I honestly couldn’t pull off unless I was a rapper, is Tommy Boy Mang.

Laurence: Missy Elliott The Second.

Camille: Oh god haha. Be Missy Elliott 2. I’ve always dreamed of naming a band Nirvana 2. Doing electronic music and just being Nirvana 2 or Led Zeppelin 2.

Maybe for your next project? And lastly, I loved your Chris Brown cover even though he sucks. What are some other unexpected covers you would be totally down to perform?

Camille: We want to do a Chet Baker cover because we studied Jazz and are really into that.

Laurence: But also, we have another one on the way. We didn’t choose the song but we love the artist.

Camille: Mac DeMarco. We think it would sound so cool. But also, we have this cover we do either when we’re really drunk or in a car together. “I’m Not The Only One” by Sam Smith. We get the harmonies going and everything.

Laurence: And we yell it.

Camille: It’s heartbreak every time. We yell the chorus so loud like it’s during this worst time of our lives.


Interview & Photos by: Shannon Kurlander

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