Miley fans think her new song “She’s Not Him” is about Stella Maxwell

It’s hard to remember now, but there was a time when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were broken up, and Miley was dating the model Stella Maxwell.

And now, Miley fans are freaking out because a track on her new album, “She’s Not Him,” seems like it could be about that relationship — and could be an explanation for why Miley went back with Liam.

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Here are a few choice lyrics:

You changed my life
You’ve been my world
There’s no other girl that looks like ya, darling
Those eyes, that tongue, those teeth, that face, that body
Even though we’ve gone to outer space
Still no way you can take his place

Uh, wow. That last line feels like a punch in the gut. The song almost has the same #sorrynotsorry vibe as Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.”

As the song goes on, it seems like Miley’s trying to tell us Stella was more into the relationship than she was.

You’re not him
She’s not him
No matter what you say
No matter what you do
I just can’t fall in love with you
Cuz you’re not him
Yeah, she’s not him

And why, why can’t I love you, baby?
Like I wanna love you, baby
I’m sorry
And maybe it’s beyond my control
Some sort of chemical reaction
Making it impossible to let him go

But we’re gonna need some receipts on that… Stella Maxwell does not give us a “Why don’t you love me?!” vibe whatsoever. Plus, Miley said sex with Liam was like commuting (a.k.a.: not that great) so we’re getting some mixed signals here.

Now, Stella is dating Kristen Stewart, Miley’s back with Liam, and fans are losing it about this song. Could “She’s Not Him” go down as the first bisexual breakup hit in mainstream pop? Time will tell.

[H/T Elite Daily]

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