Miley Cyrus Wrote A Christmas Song About Bongs And Inescapable Loneliness

While most people think of Christmas as a holly, jolly season, other people think of it as a soul sucking time that reminds them of just how empty and alone they really are.  Apparently, Miley Cyrus is one of those people.  Or at least she was when she wrote the newest addition to the Christmas Song Cannon, the aptly named ‘My Sad Christmas Song.‘ 

Simultaneously timeless and very 2015, ‘My Sad Christmas Song‘ is a stripped down ballad that could have been an outtake from her Dead Petz recording sessions, while also sounding normal enough to get played in the background of a Gilmore Girls episode.  And of course, since this is Miley we’re talking about, the song references bongs, her tits and somebody getting rurl weird.

However, unlike most Miley songs, ‘MSCS’ actually gets kinda deep.

While most of the time, Miley just comes off as the self-appointed misfit queen of the turnt up, high AF weirdos out there, on “MSCS” she sounds unabashedly normal.  Not all of us have had the experience of having a hallucination where our dead dog sits on our shoulders while we pet it, but we’ve all been lonely during the holidays. 

As everybody knows, Miley is single right now and has been since breaking up with Patrick Schwarzenegger last year.  Although she’s since been linked to Stella Maxwell, as her relentless selfies make abundantly clear, most of the time she’s just at home, smoking weed with her pets and trying to get somebody to FaceTime with her.  While most of the year this is fine, on Christmas it’s kind of a bummer. 

There may be a million Christmas songs out there, but there’s never been one quite like this.  Especially for her.

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