Miley Cyrus Makes A Case For Baby Blue Eyeliner, And Saran Wrap?

Earlier this week Miley Cyrus talked to Paper magazine about her pet pig Pringles, and to show off a shot of her painted glittery pink enjoying a slice of pizza…by a tree with some mushroom. We can’t say that anything Cyrus does fazes us anymore, so her latest covers for Plastik fall right in line with what we’d expect, with the first 2 of 4 being released. In her first cover she rocks some ice cream sundae pasties and an eyepatch, paired with a metallic teal eyeliner. The second cover, which she shared on Instagram with the caption, “Devil without a cause I’m going plastik!!!!! #mileygoesplastik”, features Miley nude (naturally), and sucking on some plastic wrap. Her eye makeup however is a powdery baby blue look, which contrasted against her slicked back hair gives the perfect mix of sweet but still interesting. While we probably won’t be rocking dessert themed nipple pasties or saran wrap, the pastel eye look is something fresh to incorporate into your holiday repertoire amid a sea of smokey glitter-ed out eyes.


Images via Plastik Magazine/Vijat Mohindra

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