Miley Cyrus Dresses Up Like A Sexy Baby To Make A Point About Female Sexuality

Miley Cyrus is a woman of many obsessions: selfies, zit cream, green juice, adopting pets, telling the world how much she loves smoking marijuana, and most recently, acting like a baby.

On Friday night, Miley released a music video for “BB Talk,” a track off of the singer’s Dead Petz album about how much she hates it when her boyfriend/serious f*ck buddy sticks his tongue down her throat in public and talks baby to her (which one can only assume is a stand-in for the specific brand of ‘no i love you more‘ bs that some couples get off on, but makes the rest of us want to puke). 

In order to prove her point about how she wants her man to “stop with the goo” and “f*ck me so you stop baby talking,” Miley dresses up like baby and spends the majority of the music video in a diaper, rolling around on the floor, pouting and trying to suck her toes.  Somehow, it’s not so cute when somebody takes baby talk to the next level.

While the song, which is basically a four-minute-too-long monologue where Miley Cyrus weighs the pros and cons of staying with her boo (Con: PDA, Pro: 15-minute orgasms), you have to give her props for creating a music video debunking the great American myth of the sexy baby.

Grown women shouldn’t have to infantilize their sexuality to get men off and we shouldn’t be supporting a culture that supports such behavior.  For once, Miley Cyrus says what we’re all saying: when you act like a sexy baby, you just look dumb.

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