So, Just How Outrageous Do You Think Miley Cyrus Is Gonna Get For The VMAs?

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to creating VMA controversy.  In 2013, she shocked audiences by wearing nude underwear and twerking against a soon-to-be-divorced pig.  In 2014, she made waves by sending her homeless friend Jessie onstage to accept her award for Video of The Year.  And the sky is literally the limit for 2015, because MTV had the bright idea of letting Miley host the whole damn thing.

Besides the obvious, “what the f-ck is she gonna do”, the question that’s on everybody’s mind is, “what the f-ck is she gonna wear?”  Well, even though we don’t know what she’s going to wear, we do know who she’s going to wear: Jeremy Scott.


The Moschino designer known for his cartoonish, colorful creations is currently cooking up some looks for the pop star, and even though he told Elle that “nothing is looked down yet” he also added that “it’s gonna be outrageous for sure.”

Regardless, here’s a couple of things that can safely be expected:

1. The Return Of The High-Waisted Leotard



Back when Miley was in full on pop star mode, we saw a lot of this cut on her – and seeing as how she wore a pair in the majority of MTV’s bizarre, wordless promo videos, we feel confident in seeing a lot of the star’s legs, ass, and side vagina.

2. Glitter



Recently, Miley’s been wearing a lot of glitter.  On her eyes, on her breasts, really, anywhere there’s skin.  I don’t see why the VMAs should be any exception.

3. A Whole Lot Of Stoner Crafts Accessories



This is what Miley wore during a public appearance in Australia.  Does any of those pom-pom creations look familiar to you?  Well, if you follow the singer on Instagram, the answer should be “oh my God, they literally haunt me” because Miley creates these “art” pieces all the time when she gets stoned.  Seeing as she premiered a collection of said “art” at a Jeremy Scott fashion show, it’s pretty much a no-brainer that we should expect to see a lot of Cyrus originals.

4. Something Red, White And Weed


In her Bangerz tour, Miley wore a rhinestone-encrusted leotard with a giant set of lips on it.  Could the VMAs see her sporting a similar, although marijuana-infused option?  Either way, expect the known toker to be repping her drug of choice.  Hard.

5. A Whole Lotta Boob


Miley Cyrus is all about freeing the nip.  In fact, she frees hers whenever possible.  Whether she shows up to the VMAs wearing pasties, or strips down to next-to-nothing in one what looks like many filmed segments, expect to see it all.



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