Miley Smokes A Blunt And Tells The Audience To Lick Her Pussy

Seriously, is there anything Miley Cyrus can’t do these days?

Start her own charitable foundation?  Check.
Duet with Ariana Grande in animal onesies?  Check.
Decorate a five foot bong and call it art?  Check.
Put on a pair of pasties, strap on some butterfly wings and smoke a big ole blunt at the Adult Swim upfronts?  Check.


Last night, the unpredictable pop star headlined Adult Swim’s New York Upfront Party at Terminal 5 and as you can see, things got real turnt real fast.  After Cyrus’s first song, the unbelievable catchy #GETITRIGHT, Cyrus pulled out a big ole blunt and lit up before turning her attention towards the audience saying, “Are you drunk yet?  Are you high yet?  No!?  You’re gonna be at a show where I’m dressed as a f*cking butterfly and not be high?  I’m down to share.”

And then, like the true G she is, girl passed her blunt around the whole damn audience.  These suits clearly didn’t quite know what they were getting themselves into.


Halfway into the set, Cyrus was joined onstage by The Flaming Lips and the fun loving freaks debuted their new song “Tiger Dreams” which apparently would have just been called “Tiger” if Katy Perry didn’t steal that title first.  Of course Katy Perry doesn’t have a song called “Tiger”, but that’s okay, drugs can make us forget these things.

Before the night was through, Miley launched into a heartfelt rendition of Khia’s quintessential pussy jam “My Neck, My Back,” while admonishing all the ladies in the audience for not turning up with her.  As Miley so delicately put it, “Bitches, you better sing the shit out of the song! Do you know how many times I turn on the radio and hear somebody ask me to suck his dick? This is the best song! Now suck my f–king pussy!”


All in all, it was a pretty tame Monday night for Miley.  Ah, to be twenty-two again.

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