Miley Cyrus: A Feminist Icon For A New Generation

Miley Cyrus by Terry Richardson, 2013-004

This weeks Galore Essay is written by contributor Amanda Lang

Miley Cyrus is a feminist icon for the new generation. This is an admittedly unpopular opinion, but that doesn’t change the facts. Miley is a sexually confident young woman who has a love for her body and no shame in voicing her opinions. The reason why she gets so much criticism is because she frightens people with her brashness, her womanly maturity at such a young age. Miley makes everyone nervous. Men feel threatened, adults feel nervous, women feel bitter because they do not feel as confident in themselves as this hot young thing does. Now this is not to say that all men, women and adults feel this way. Just, for the most part, the ones who criticize her. One comment that Miley seems to get quite a bit is that she is trashy, a slut. I am about to repeat opinions which I have voiced before but I feel that these opinions are important and deserve to be heard. I. Resent. The label. Of “trashy”. Why is it that when a woman flaunts her sexuality she is considered a slut? I love revealing clothing! I am confident in my body and my beauty and I do not feel the need to cover it up. Women are gifted with a natural beauty and sexuality. This is one of our greatest weapons. With this gift, we have the power to make men feel helpless. When Miley twerked onstage against Robin Thicke, she was not a victim. SHE was twerking against HIM. He was not forcing her into anything she didn’t want and vice versa. He was dancing with her as well.

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I think one of the most inspirational things about Miley is her ability to confidently speak her mind. She has no qualms about giving her opinions and that seems to piss people off. In this day and age, women are expected to speak softly, move demurely and dress daintily. I say, F*** THAT! I am a woman, not a little girl. I have a voice, and goddamn it if I am going to hold it in. I have energy, I have strength. Why do I have to play the part of someone weak for someone else’s edification? Miley certainly doesn’t feel the need to, and that is fabulous! If I had a daughter, I would want her to learn from Miley. To not grow up ashamed of her sexuality and feminine whiles. Katy Perry may have written a song titled “Roar”, but it is Miley who speaks with the voice of a lioness.


Written by: Amanda Lang

Photos: Terry Richardson

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