Miley’s Big Sis Approves Of Relationship With Patrick Schwarzenegger


It seems as if the Cyrus clan is all about Miley’s relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Yesterday, older sister, Brandi Cyrus, said she finds Patrick to be a great guy!

“I think she met him through her mutual friend, but we’ve hung out with him a ton since. He’s been great. He’s such a nice guy. He’s easy to hang out with and be around. He has great friends. He’s a good dude. I like that they balance each other out. Miley is like a big personality, high energy, and he’s super laid-back and easygoing. And they are a good team.”

Super adorable. The 27-year-old also added how Patrick and Miley share in the same upbringing.

“He comes from a big family too. He’s got a sister and I think he fits in so well because he kind of comes from the same life we did. He has a famous dad and stuff. I mean he gets it.”

Well, don’t worry Brandi, it seems this love couple isn’t going anywhere. In fact, in terms of hanging out with the Cyrus fam, I’m pretty sure Patrick’s only response was, “I’ll be back.”

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