Mile High Club: 4 Ways To Do It In The Air!

Many of you will be traveling this year for the holidays. For those lucky enough to have a devoted boyfriend/girlfriend, you will not be traveling alone. You needn’t be a mathematician to realize what this means. Ladies and gentleman, soon many of you will be becoming members of the mile high club. There is a certain etiquette to doing it in the air, but don’t fret, Galore is here to guide you in the right direction. Here are four (relatively) easy ways to have sex while you are miles high in the air.

1. Fingering: Not proper sex, but certainly easier to accomplish than doing the real deed. If you want to keep it safe while in a flying metal tube, then this is the move for you. All you need is a blanket and a modicum of self control, or creativity and you my friend are less than a mile a way from an orgasm! Just keep an excuse fresh in your mind f the stewardess is alerted to your screaming.
2. Head: A step up from fingering, and only slightly more difficult to get away with. All you need is a blanket, if you are feeling nervous. If you are feeling a bit more bold, make sure that the one getting the job done is in the aisle seet and is a convincing napper. And try to get this done between the attendant’s hourly soda runs as to avoid any awkwardness.
3. Bathroom: The bathroom is a bit dangerous because if there is any turbulence, as there is generally an open toilet cramped in a very small space, but if you are graceful enough, that turbulence can be turned to your advantage. Think about it, each shake of the plane makes for an ample time to give a thrust. And there is something just a bit naughty about knowing you are essentially in public, which brings us to…
4. The Lap Sit: If you are feeling particularly bold, this is how it’s done. Once the seatbelt sign goes off, move to the window seat, one sitting atop another. Drape a blanket over your laps and drop the pants. This takes a certain degree of grace but if you can pull it off, then you my friend are officially the Kings and Queens of the mile high club.

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